My Friend, My Lover, My Wife

On October 7, 1949, a daughter was born to Walter and Letha Simpson. Some 43 years later it was to her everlasting misfortune that she met a thrice-divorced, brain-damaged, deranged idiot who she found could make her laugh. Having been divorced and raising two kids on her own, she had a pretty good idea what the realities in life were. We’ve stuck together, though times thin and flush, knowing it took a total commitment to see things through. She’s not the youngest, the thinnest, maybe not the prettiest in some peoples’ eyes. But we take care of each other and that’s all that’s important.
There are woefully few things I can point to in my life as a success. My children and my wife. That’s pretty much it. I’m not here to impress anybody. I just want to celebrate as many birthdays together as possible. I cannot imagine ever living without her. Whatever time we have left together will be well-spent.

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  1. Ting

    That is the sweetest thing. Happy Birthday to Mrs. Pete, and may you have many happy days together.

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