For Bluebird: The Guys Behind The Piano Guys


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  1. After what we went through moving a normal (i.e., not grand) piano from an upstairs room to a downstairs one, I have renewed respect for anyone who undertakes the daunting task of moving a piano.

    Love the video! Thanks Grunt.

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    • How’d you get the piano upstairs in the first place? Helicopter? LOL!

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      • Sorry, I didn’t word that correctly. I should have said “from the main floor to a room in the lower level.” It was not one of my smarter ideas. The piano had always been on the main floor, but I had it moved down to the spare bedroom (all the bedrooms in this house are in the lower level) because I thought that my teenager would practice more if she had her own private practice room right next to her bedroom. It turned out to be a disaster. Shortly after the piano was moved and I paid the tuner $80 to put it back in tune, the lower level of our house was destroyed in a sewer backup. My husband and our son jacked the piano up on logs to keep it from being destroyed in the flood, and between that and the high humidity for the next several days (while we were tearing out all the soaked carpeting, baseboards, drywall, insulation, etc, and getting the place dried out) the piano was hopelessly out of tune and I had to pay the guy $80 to tune it again. Not long afterward, our daughter — who was the only reason we’d moved the $#@%&! thing down there in the first place — decided she was moving out. So now the piano sits down there all alone, unloved, unplayed, untuned…

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