Wake Up America; This Is Not a Joke

Hillary Clinton’s shocking level of depravity and evil is one of the most well-documented facts on the planet.

This is not propaganda. This is a real case that has been reported periodically (but poorly) since the early 1990s. Check it out for yourself here and in other places.  Then vote against this evil in November.  Please.


Kathy Shelton, 1975


Kathy Shelton, today

Hat tip: Woodsterman for the video.


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7 responses to “Wake Up America; This Is Not a Joke

  1. “Hillary Clinton’s shocking level of depravity and evil is one of the most well-documented facts on the planet.”

    Of that, there can be no doubt. Nor is there any doubt this rape of Kathy Shelton is a horror beyond description.

    But I have mixed feelings about this case. It’s the job of a good defense attorney to use every trick in the book to get their client off, and that’s what Hillary did. There’s no justification for laughing about it afterward, given the somber magnitude of this crime, so that’s a confirmation Hillary’s morally deranged.

    But what happened to Thomas Alfred Taylor? These guys almost never rape just one little girl, it’s usually serial. Did he rape again? If Ms. Shelton was literally his only indictment, that tends to further confuse the issue.

    And what happened to the other guy?

    Hillary’s got so many dead bodies stacked up like cord wood (three more this month) over her long amoral public tenure, this rape defense becomes merely Item #324-B in her police jacket.

    That half our country thinks she’s a noble trailblazing candidate makes me weep for the future of mankind.

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    • I used to also have mixed feelings about the case, as well, but no more.

      Similarly, I used to just accept things my dad explained to me without much question, but I eventually figured out that he tended to over-intellectualize everything. Like this case.

      Turns out, the “defense attorney is obligated to use every trick in the book” theory is actually full of moral holes. I’m pretty sure it was invented by a defense attorney who was trying to explain his vast wealth to his trophy wife or his daughter.

      At the root of the law, the defense attorney, like the judge, is obligated to ensure that the defendant gets a FAIR and JUST trial. Nothing more, and nothing less. The part about “every trick” is the biggest load of bullshit ever concocted by the mouth of Satan, second only to “You surely shall not die.”

      The defense attorney need only make sure his defendant’s case gets argued adequately. ‘Tricks’, lies, drama and bribes are all at the discretion of the lawyer and his conscience. He is obligated to use NONE of them. The judge may question, but the attorney is the king of his strategy.. If the case is hopeless, he need not be a hero. In fact, he is obligated by the natural moral law NOT to be a hero, if the truth does not warrant it. Nor a heroine.

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    • BTW, I’m just a stupid engineer and not a lawyer, obviously. And I understand that what I just stated is not entirely consistent with what is often taught in law school. I get that. I still hold, with very little authority, that it’s still correct from the standpoint of natural, moral law, which is superior to legal precedent, regardless of what learned law professors may say. I’m just ignorant and prideful that way. 🙂


  2. Regardless of any discussion of attorney ethics (right alongside “military intelligence” in the Dewey Decimal System), the tendencies of everyone from Vince Foster down to recent Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Victor Thorn and John Ashe to “commit suicide” is reason enough why Shakespeare used Hillary as his role model for Lady Macbeth (I have a dubious grasp of historic chronology).

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