Frozen in Time

During the course of one’s lifetime there are certain events that become unforgettable, for whatever reason. Personal events like birthdays, graduations, weddings, the death of a pet or loved one. Then there are those that interrupt the world. The assassinations of JFK, Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, the first man on the moon, and of course 9/11. We all remember where we were and what we were doing at that moment. Another of those moments happened 39 years ago, when we heard that the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley, died at Graceland. On his toilet. Bloated and full of prescription drugs. There are still throngs of rabidly loyal fans who gather at his homestead on this occasion.
There was supposed to be an effort to disrupt this years remembrance by the Black Victim class, but I never heard any more about it.
Black Lives Matter Targets Graceland: Plans To ‘Shut Down’ Elvis Week
The Coalition of Concerned Citizens, a radical group that includes Black Lives Matter protesters, has set its sights on Elvis territory, with a plan to “Shut Down Graceland” on Monday.
While the target might seem unusual, the timing is not. The annual Elvis Week has been taking place since Wednesday and is slated to continue until Tuesday.
Leaders say they also chose Graceland because “it demonstrates one of Memphis’s most common forms of financial inequality and because the site has ties to … the death of unarmed teen Darrius Stewart.”
“We feel like we still haven’t been answered,” said Frank Gottie, a community leader. “They’re givin’ us the runaround.”

No entertainer in history has had the number of imitators that Elvis has, not even close. But as usual, there is no comparison to the original, like bad movie sequels. He changed the face of music forever. Granny didn’t care for him at first, but as time went on, she forgave Elvis. Her rationale was that ‘Elvis may have shaken his stuff, but he never showed it to anybody.’
This is my excuse to post some of my favorite Elvis numbers.
ELVIS PRESLEY “Don’t Be Cruel” on The Ed Sullivan Show

Elvis Presley – Heartbreak Hotel

Wooden Heart – Elvis Presley from G.I. Blues

Elvis Presley An American Trilogy

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  1. “The annual Elvis Week has been taking place since Wednesday and is slated to continue until Tuesday.” Well, that hardly seems like much of an annual tradition. {jk} 😉

    Boy Pete, you’re right, you wouldn’t think the death of Elvis would be up there with the Kennedy assassination or 9/11, but by this metric of recollection I guess it is.

    I was “j u s t a l i t t l e” bit younger than I am now, and was checking into a motel room in advance of a solo performer gig booked for me out of town. The desk clerk told me Elvis had died, and my brain must have taken a snapshot of that moment: dimly-lit desk, drizzling outside.

    These moments of significance, stitched together, I suppose they make our lives.

    P.S. Elvis’ “Comeback Special” …. whoo doggie! I wasn’t a big fan of the rambling skit in the middle where he’s a carny roustabout, but everything else is solid gold. Especially “Trouble” and “If I Can Dream.” When he brought the heat, fires started.

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