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Where Were We?

The fishing trip with RJ was great. I’ll be posting soon. We got home that afternoon and had no phone, cable, or internet. The Comcast guys found out somebody (probably the pondscum who moved out downstairs) disconnected the cable and cut it into pieces. The last two days have been hell, but hopefully things will be OK now. Time to see what’s been going on lately.

Trump: Obama Is The ‘Founder Of ISIS’
I’m afraid my opinion that if he got the nomination he would go about sabotaging his own candidacy. He’s had so many opportunities to link Clinton and Obama as habitual liars and instead has gone about supplying the ammunition for the media whores to flail him with.
“In many respects, you know, they honor President Obama,” Mr. Trump told a raucous and rowdy crowd in Florida on Wednesday night. “He’s the founder of ISIS. He’s the founder of ISIS. He’s the founder. He founded ISIS.” He added, “I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton.”

Hillary Gets a Pass on Her Pay-to-Play Shenanigans
Looks like Hillary Clinton’s getting another pass: The Justice Department reportedly declined to probe the cozy ties and collaboration between the State Department and her family foundation.
That, despite the fact that several FBI field offices were alarmed by what they were finding and pushed Justice to start a probe, CNN reports. DOJ claimed there was insufficient evidence.

Clinton Supporter Claims Hillary Email Scandal ‘All a Republican Ploy,’ Gets Called Out by CNN

Emails released this week showed instances of Clinton Foundation donors getting rewarded with access to the State Department when Clinton was secretary of state. It was also revealed that the Justice Department blocked the FBI from investigating the potentially illicit relationship between the two Clinton-controlled entities.

Hillary Clinton: Americans Will Learn To Trust Me, Just As Obama Did
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton admits she has an issue with likability and trust, but says’s she’s optimistic that, if elected president, Americans will learn to love her.

Stirring moment high school students sing the ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ as a uniformed Army private escorts remains of WWII soldier off plane
A heartwarming tribute to fallen WWII soldier has been captured on camera
Group of students sang as the soldier’s remains were escorted off a plane
The singers were part of the Iowa Ambassadors of Music Choir
They sang ‘glory, glory hallelujah’, from ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’
A passenger on the plane filmed it and shared the footage on Facebook

Clinton Chief Of Staff ‘Volunteered’ For Clinton Foundation While On Federal Payroll
Cheryl Mills recruits for the Clinton Crime Family.
Cheryl Mills, a longtime Clinton aide whose relationship with the family reaches back decades, hopped on an Amtrak train from Washington, D.C., to New York on June 19, 2012, an unnamed source told CNN, in order to interview two high-level business executives under consideration to lead the foundation.

US Senator John McCain: “I know ISIS intimately, I’ve met them and I talk to them all the time.”


Hillary Clinton’s Tactic: Civil Firearms Forfeiture

If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, it is likely that your Second Amendment rights will mean nothing. The constitutional protections we have depended on for years have failed when the liberals control a court; and it is likely that Hillary will redefine all courts.
The liberals’ successful record of civil asset forfeitures provides a fine example of how they can get around the constitutional protections provided by the Fifth and Second Amendments. In many civil asset forfeiture cases, the citizen has not been found guilty of any crime, but the government swoops in to seize—pardon me, to force the forfeiture of—their property and cash.

Dan Bongino and Don Lemon Get Into FIERY EXCHANGE Over Trump Comments: ‘You Don’t Know Crap About This Don, You’re a TV Guy”
Bongino hammers Lemon for coming into this story ‘without a clear and open mind.’ Things get testy and Bongino tells Lemon, ‘you don’t know crap about this Don, you’re a TV guy, I was a Secret Service agent. Now cut off my mic, do what you want to do’



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