Behold the Power of the Lord!!!

We have been suffering for the past few months for our dear friend Chrissy. Months with no word has had us fearing the worst. Then this morning, I got a Facebook message from her daughter:

“Sorry I didn’t get on to update…my mom had gotten very weak again, trouble keeping food down etc. She ended up in the hospital last week and then, Praise God! Major miracles happening! She is home and working on regaining strength. But all kinds of healing has happened for her!!!!! My sister was visiting, but I suspect my mom will be back online soon 😄”

If anyone tells you prayer doesn’t work, have them get ahold of me. I’ve got some things to tell them.



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5 responses to “Behold the Power of the Lord!!!

  1. Ting

    Thanks for letting us know. I have been worried and praying and it is good to know she is better.


  2. Pistol Pete

    God is so great!!!!! Among other things, my mom has been dealing with chronic pain at least all of my life, light has hurt her eyes for over a decade, and this year she has struggled with periods of time where she can’t keep food down. Hospitals are a very last resort for her for very good reasons, but it got so bad that a week ago, she was admitted and my parents discovered she almost died because her potassium and magnesium levels had dropped to practically nothing. 5 days later she went home — my sister flew up while she was in hospital and they were all surprised that it ended up being a fun visit! So glad the Holy Spirit pushed her to bring her kids! They were at the playground the day after leaving the hospital!!!!! It’s hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t know my mom’s history, just how amazing this is! But believe me, we are singing hallelujah many times over 😄

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