A Personal Post

I’ve made many mistakes in my life. Bad decisions, bad management, bad marriages. The one thing, maybe the only thing that was right, was bringing two beautiful girls into the world. There was much time wasted not putting them first in everything and I’m paying an awful price with one of them. Like Harry Chapin sang in “Cat’s In The Cradle” she has no more time for me than I had for her. With her career, her boyfriend, and issues with Tyler, who’ll be 8 this month, her dance card is full.

Fortunately, my eldest bears no grudge and we are closer than we’ve ever been. My grandson RJ has become the light of my life. We have a lot of plans to do some fishing, but he wants to earn some cash, so he’ll be de-tasseling corn for a few weeks. Anybody who’s had to do that knows what a hot, sweaty, dirty job it is, but it’s one that must be done. My grandchildren are being taught the value of money and how to appreciate it. My granny always said: If you see something you want and you have the money in your pocket, you can afford it. If you don’t, you can’t. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to earn the money.

Today is my grandson’s 13th birthday. We planned to go to their town for pizza, but I came down with gout 2 days ago. It’s not fun when you can’t walk. So,they’re coming here. I really look forward.








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  1. LOOKATEM!!!
    That’s a good lookin’ buncha kids right there, sir! 😀

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  2. You go on and brag, Pete. Good on yah. You have much to be proud of.

    Oh, and I respect your grandson for corn de-tasselling. I did that, too, and I swear it’s one of the hardest jobs on the planet. For one thing, it gives you some empathy for farm workers of all kinds, including migrant farm workers(especially the legal ones). Nothing like being driven across 2 counties at 3am in a panel truck loaded up with 20 or 30 sweaty people.

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    • Pistol Pete

      These are the modern times…they have to be on a school bus at 6:00 AM to travel some 35 miles into another county.Whatever’s left of them get back about 4:00 PM.Mom is going to take him to the bank and open a savings account when he gets his first check.Granny did the same thing with me.I bought my first car and paid the first year’s insurance before I ever got behind the wheel.

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  3. Pete, this might be a little TOO personal for your personal post, but my family snapped this picture in the Chicago area of some guy trying to stay cool on a lawn chair hoverboard hybrid. They thought it might be you, but I told them this guy wasn’t nearly redneck enough. What do you think? 🙂

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  4. Ting

    I would be bragging, too. Maybe one day…

    I think it is so cool that they are coming to you, but I am so sorry about that gout. My neighbor has it flare up from time to time and it seems to be really terrible. My prayers for a speedy recovery.

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  5. * breaks out of lurkdom *

    Pete, I’m a-gonna add “gout” to my description of my condition of late, which I’ve been calling rheumatoid-arthritis bursitis neuritis neuralgia nostalgia lumbago laredo. I figure that covers all the bases. Doing better this week, though, so, not complaining; full of gratitudinousness.

    Tell me, what’s the news on Tyler? I’ve lost track.

    And, since I’m here, God, Jesus, Spirit, bless our sister Chrissy with utter healing. That’s my prayer. And blessings for Pete while we’re at it.

    * returns to lurkdom *

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    • Pistol Pete

      Mindful,I’ve thought about you often.You’ve been persona non grata for far too long.I’m missing Chrissy so much,it’s like I’m pretty much on my own,save for a post from Grunt or Bluebird sometimes.Your wit and wisdom is missed…and that’s from my heart.