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A week’s worth wouldn’t fit into a single post.
There will be NO references to primates, small woodland creatures, domesticated farm animals, or most inanimate objects.
Not to be judgmental, it’s just the way things are anymore.

Al Sharpton’s daughter misses FOURTH court hearing in 6 months despite demanding $5million from New York City after she tripped on Soho pavement
Dominique Sharpton, 28, claims she has ‘permanent pain’ from fall in 2014
She tripped on pavement in Soho, Manhattan, then demanded $5 million
Case got controversial when she put photos of her hiking on Instagram
Now lawyers say NYC should throw out the case, she’s missed 4 hearings

Texas School Administrator Must Pay Back Embezzled $500,000

On Wednesday, June 8, U.S. District Judge Thad Heartfield ordered Patricia Adams Lambert to repay $500,000 she siphoned from a variety of CMMHS sources between 2007-12 — the booster club, a student activities account, college credit courses, and on-campus snack concessions. Lambert, 62, worked for the Beaumont Independent School District as an assistant superintendent and previously served as principal at the district’s Central Medical Magnet High School (CMMHS).

Mother of two suffocates her seven-month-old son and three-year-old daughter with a bed sheet during family trip to Florida
Sophia Hines, 40, from Philadelphia, is facing two counts of murder
Was taken into custody after police found bodies of her two young children
Officers arrived at an apartment in Miramar after receiving a 911 call
A parent and another relative then led them to the unresponsive children

Man pleads guilty in St. Cecilia robbery; prosecutors say he punched 76-year-old woman

Viewed from an overhead camera in the cathedral’s north vestibule, the robbery unfolds first with Lucille Morinelli scanning a copy of the parish newsletter as she stands at a table.

Then, from a second camera, two assailants pull open the door to St. Cecilia Cathedral and, in moments, are at the 76-year-old victim’s back.

The suspect on the right yanks Morinelli’s purse from her grasp. The man to the left lobs a punch that leaves the victim folded on the floor. Morinelli hit her head on the side of the table as she fell.

Anti-cop group burns American flag over death of black teen
Teen’s fatal asthma attack came after gang fight: cops

“We light fire for the ancestors who have gone before us who were lynched,” a woman can be hearing saying in the video as another person attempts to ignite the small flag.

“We light this flag for Dayshen McKenzie, who was lynched,” said the woman.

Horror: 19 Women Burned Alive After They Refused to Sleep With ISIS Militants

Nineteen Yazidi women were brutally executed last weekend in Mosul, Iraq, after refusing to have sex with their husbands — all members of ISIS.

Eyewitnesses told news agencies that the women were put in an iron cage and burned alive in front of a crowd of hundreds of spectators.

Baseball coach father whose baby daughter died after he left her inside a hot car for two hours is arrested
Marvin Mercer, 31, of Baton Rouge, arrested on negligent homicide charge
Eight-month-old Raylee Mercer was left strapped in seat with windows up
Mercer drove to work at Madison Preparatory School and ‘forgot’ about her


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  1. jbob45

    Howdy Mr. Pistol – Any update on Chrissy-? I’ve not heard from her either, after 4 unanswered emails. Unusual for her. Kindly reply to me at pleasurepier@swbell. net. Thnx. Jim-bob from H-Town.


  2. This site and WND are among my top favorites on the Web, but today WND broke my heart for removing this comment:

    “The Caucasian genome is radically different from the Mestizo genome, which is itself equally distinct from the African or Asian genome.

    “A nation built on any one of these ancestral lineages fosters homogeneity and harmony, but a nation built on ‘diversity’ is doomed to acrimony and ultimately destruction. Christians and Muslims — blacks and whites — will never get along.

    “Democrats drool over the prospects of eliminating America’s white majority, in favor of Balkanized serfdom and perpetual voting pluralities. They can’t seem to understand white people are both America’s pioneers and America’s piggy bank.”

    Is this comment incendiary or insulting or hostile? Have we reached the point where we can’t even acknowledge that black people and white people are different in almost every way (“Stuff White [Black] People Like”), and that at no point in our nation’s 300-year history have the two cultures ever achieved a harmonious blend?

    It’s one thing to disagree with my conclusion; it’s another thing altogether to silence my voice, like NRO, AoSHQ, CTH, Raw Story and now WND have done.

    Conservatives allow free speech even less than liberals.

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    • It is discouraging how trigger-happy conservative blogs are when it comes to censoring comments. I don’t really get it. As for your comments, I don’t see anything patently insulting with any of it. I’m not sure if it’s all true, though. For example, I buy that Christians and Muslims can never truly get along in harmony (even if it happens in specific instances), but I don’t really think the black/white statement is completely true. The first paragraph is arguable.

      Point is, though, that true or not, you should be able to make these statements and have these opinions. Neither Left nor Right seem to be very good at allowing that these days.

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    • My goodness, have you really been banned by all those sites? I’m impressed! 🙂