Sooper Toozeday… The Last

It all ends today. The pathetic charade that passed for a democrat primary season. There has been much made of the socialist fossil from Vermont, but he never had a chance. Hillary has been the nominee-in-waiting for eight years and Bernie was nothing more than a token to give the appearance of a contest. California is the big prize today, when it becomes official. Several news outlets have already named her the nominee. Bernie is whining about their pronouncement being premature and designed to suppress the little radicals who commit assaults in his name, but it was all a fantasy from the beginning.

There is no candidate the republicans could have run, no matter who, that stands a ghost of a chance. There was a poll last week that claims 71% of democrats want her to run even on the remote chance she gets indicted. The State Department will not release anything until after the election and Obama’s Justice Department would not prosecute, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Party over law every time. Faced with an opponent who is a reality star and media whore with no ground game and little to no party support her waltz to the office she has coveted for so long will be child’s play.


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Media Declares Hillary Has Enough Delegates For Nomination…By Counting Super Delegates…

    Coincidentally it’s the night before a tough fight with Bernie for California
    Campaigning this time as the loyal successor to the nation’s first black president, Clinton held off a surprisingly strong challenge from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to break through.

    Clinton reached the 2,383 delegates needed to become the presumptive nominee with a decisive victory in Puerto Rico and a burst of last-minute support from party insiders known as “superdelegates.”


  2. jbob45

    “Now it’s my turn to be an incompetent blowhole!” Wait a minute! Isn’t that what’s she’s been doing all this time? Hill-dog’s been playing the Ovary Card from the very beginning, and nothing else, running on a record so abysmal that her campaign would’ve self-destructed on the launching pad last summer if she were a man. What a minute! Y’mean she’s not? “Ovary Office, here I come! Wheee-e-e-e-eeeee!!”

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  3. Pistol Pete

    Progressives React To Bernie’s Looming Loss By Demanding The Massive Federal Scheme Bernie Wants

    The Democratic Party’s platform committee must “sow the seeds for victory in November by embracing popular, progressive ideas that have risen to the forefront in recent years that are not currently in the platform,” the Progressive Change Campaign Committee urged.

    The far-left outfit wants Democrats to focus on a throng of big-government boondoggles including debt-free college, a nationally-mandated $15 minimum wage, additional Social Security benefits, paid family leave and “massive infrastructure investment.”


  4. Pistol Pete

    ABC’s Race Expert: Woman Who Hoped for Death of Clarence Thomas

    On November 4, 1994, Malveaux famously stated of Supreme Court Justice Thomas: “I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease….He is an absolutely reprehensible person.” (Video in the MRC’s 20th anniversary Notable Quotables, scroll down to “Damn Those Conservatives Award.”) Of course, Snow made no mention of this. She simply introduced the well known liberal as “a noted commentator on American politics.” Snow also skipped over the fact that Malveaux is a former talk show host for the leftist Pacifica Radio network.


  5. Pistol Pete

    Hillary gave Bill a ‘put-a-steak-on-it black eye,’ according to ugly details from former agent’s book

    Ugly details about life in the White House when Bill Clinton was at the reins have been leaking since news of a new tell-all broke. The book titled “Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate,” is set to be released on June 28th and if pre-orders are any indication, it will be a bestseller.

    Author and former secret service agent Gary Byrne claims the book is, in part, a warning to Americans about the potential president’s volatile temperament.



  6. Pistol Pete

    Clinton and Sanders’ Plan to Destroy 10 Million Jobs

    What if, God forbid, these politicians and environmental groups actually prevail in shutting down American oil and gas development, as they have done with coal? What would it mean to the U.S. economy?

    Let’s start with jobs. There are still about 250,000 Americans directly or indirectly related to the coal industry. Under a Democratic administration in 2017, they would be gone for sure — with miners reassigned to new positions under comrade Clinton’s energy strategy.

    But that’s a pittance compared to employment and output in the oil and gas industry. Back in 2012, Pricewaterhouse Coopers completed a study (for the American Petroleum Institute) on the economic impact of American energy. PWC found that direct and indirect jobs related to oil and gas stood at just under 10 million. These are truckers, construction workers, petroleum engineers, welders, pipefitters, geologists and many other hardhat workers. Many, if not most, are union members.


  7. Pistol Pete

    New Hillary Ad Attacking Trump for Judge Comments Lets Republicans Do the Talking
    Hillary Clinton’s team has already seized presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s comments about Hispanic Judge Gonzalo Curiel from Friday in a new negative campaign ad.
    The ad, however, lets Republicans do the talking.

    During his CNN interview on Friday, Trump rejected Jake Tapper’s conclusion that suggesting Curiel could not do his job and fairly preside over his Trump University case because of his race was racist.


    • “Trump’s a racist.” What some people see as a bug, I see as a feature.

      After seven years of vilification from the highest offices in the land (“Every morning I wake up in a house built by slaves”), a whole bunch of us white folks are finally channeling Howard Beale and flinging open the windows.

      Justice Sotomayor said a wise Latina woman would reach different judicial conclusions than a white male; affirmative action strives for better-than-proportional representation on every bureaucratic and administrative panel in America; and Stevie Wonder’s band is all black guys (he’s blind, why should it matter?)

      Now suddenly, when Trump does it, it’s offensive to mention race? F*** that!!

      Regarding the Republicans in this ad coming out against Trump: Show of hands, who among these political sell-outs is your hero? Or whom do you still respect in any way? Hillary doesn’t get it — Romney and the Bushes being against Trump is a pro-Trump endorsement to fed-up former Republicans like me.

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  8. Up-top comment: “Faced with an opponent who is a reality star and media whore with no ground game and little to no party support her waltz to the office she has coveted for so long will be child’s play.”

    Pete, you and I are codgers, and perhaps we tend to view elections in an historic context, e.g. this worked for Jimmy Carter or George H.W. Bush so it should work today.

    But we’re in a different era: 400 TV channels, a billion blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, and forty more I can’t remember and don’t understand. Last July everybody was certain this “witless ape” (Kevin D. Williamson) would have no chance at the nomination and be gone after Iowa. Guess what?

    Not only is Hillary everybody’s grandma, she’s still stuck in the 20th Century. Trump is actually older than Hillary, but seems twenty years younger, and he’s light years ahead technologically.

    Trump sends five tweets before breakfast. In a narcissistic age, how does one beat a narcissist? In a TV nation, how does one beat a TV star? In a hip-hop culture, how does one beat the guy with his own jet and gold-plated everything?

    Hillary hasn’t held a press conference in 200 days; Trump has been on a dozen different channels in the last fifteen minutes.

    Lordie, this is going to be such an unfair fight.

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