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There will probably be multiple posts tomorrow given the overflow of items from the weekend and the observance of the anniversary of D-Day. There will be more to say tomorrow. This is an article from the Daily Caller. I felt like it needed to be seen.

The Left Is Aggressively ‘Breaking Down The Resistance’ To Transform America

Americans are experiencing increased intolerance and chaos throughout our politics, culture, colleges, corporate boardrooms and even mainline churches, because the progressive left thinks it is successfully transforming the country, according to one author.

These elites consider it “a mopping-up operation and they’re going in for the kill,” Dr. Kim Holmes says in this 23-minute video interview.

Holmes is a distinguished fellow at The Heritage Foundation, and the author of a new book, “The Closing of the Liberal Mind.” A new air of intolerance has been pulsing through radical leaders throughout the U.S., the United Nations and the European Union, according to this America-loving scholar, diplomat and author.

Elites use international treaties and conventions to circumvent the will of the electorate, Holmes explains. They use a sympathetic president, popular culture, entertainment, colleges, and murky tactics to “break down the resistance to their agenda” to transform America.

To Holmes, the transgender issue uses a small number of “victims” to demonstrate who can make laws. By expanding an administrative interpretation of “civil rights,” without Congress, the federal state solidifies its capacity to dictate American law – even if it’s public school bathroom policies. Most Republicans fail to step up and fight, he says, because they fear a popular culture that is against them and are exceedingly shallow.

President Barack Obama’s legacy, to this scholar, will be how he polarized the nation, devastated the middle class, and made more Americans feel disenfranchised. Holmes thinks that the more chaos, the better for Obama’s strategic objective to transform America.

Obama’s foreign policy has “put American lives more in danger” and caused the rise of ISIS, making us less respected in the world, he explains.

Noting the growing intolerance on American campuses, Holmes says education is more like a re-programming now, and colleges are turning out “intellectual drones.”

The criminalization of dissent on climate change is “truly Orwellian” and “borderline totalitarian,” he says. “Once you break that barrier and tell scientists they will be punished, this is like the Inquisition in the 16 century or the Red Guard in the Cultural Revolution in China.”

Holmes credits Donald Trump for tapping into the unrest caused by elites in America. But he worries that many supporting the “make America great again” slogan seem inclined to “hire a guard dog” by supporting Trump to protect them. The problem, Holmes says, is that “guard dogs can jump and go to the other side,” noting this is a discussion that has “nothing to do with the ideas of conservativism.”

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