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On the Water with Ting and the Captain

A few weekends ago, Pentecost weekend to be precise, Gruntessa and I had the pleasure of meeting up with PoliNation blogger Ting and her husband on their beautiful sailboat at a secret marina somewhere on the mid-Atlantic coast for a little R&R.


By early May, everyone was ready to enjoy a sunny day on the water.  This part of the Atlantic coast has seen more than its share of rain and cool temperatures this spring.  Climate change still has a long way to go, apparently, in these parts.  A Saturday with a forecast of 80 degrees and clear skies was something we just couldn’t pass up.


Thanks, Ting and Captain!  After an insanely difficult work quarter and a crazy run-up to the 2016 Presidential Conventions, it was wonderful to make way under wind power for an afternoon and enjoy some real freedom while catching up on families and solving the world’s political problems.  Bon voyage!



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The Most Vicious Punk In America Is:

Virginia governor, Clinton bagman, and flea-infested gutter rat Terry “The Punk’ McAuliffe. Once again, he bested some stiff competition from the likes of Chuck Schumer, Slapsie Maxie Waters, Georgie-Boy Clooney, radio hack Mike Malloy, every host on MSNBC, and perennial runner-up Alan ‘Die Quickly’ Grayson. He co-ordinated the illegal foreign donations from the likes of John Huang and Charlie Trie. When his pals got kicked out of the People’s house in Jan. 2001, he bought them their house in Chappaqua so Hillary could continue her insatiable quest for money and power.

They returned the favor by helping him steal the Virginia governorship after the former governor was convicted of accepting a few gifts. He should have been a Democrat, he’d still be there. Now comes word he’s under investigation in connection with the Clinton money laundering operation. There is no cause for concern, though, because he knows nothing will ever come of it. He intends to circumvent the state congress’s veto and pardon 2,000 felons and grant them voting rights by executive order. Strategically placed, they could swing a few key precincts and turn the state solid blue.

First ‘Clinton Cash’ Domino to Fall: FBI Investigating Hillary Bagman Terry McAuliffe

Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the FBI and prosecutors from the Justice Department’s public integrity unit, U.S. officials briefed on the probe say.

As part of the probe, the officials said, investigators have scrutinized McAuliffe’s time as a board member of the Clinton Global Initiative, a vehicle of the charitable foundation set up by former President Bill Clinton.

Among the McAuliffe donations that drew the interest of the investigators was $120,000 from a Chinese businessman, Wang Wenliang, through his U.S. businesses. Wang was previously delegate to China’s National People’s Congress, the country’s ceremonial legislature.


Virginia GOP Sues to Void McAuliffe Order Restoring Voting Rights to Felons

The state’s GOP lawmakers charged that McAuliffe’s order violated the Virginia constitution, arguing that the law makes clear the governor can solely grant clemency on an individual basis.

The lawsuit was filed in the Virginia Supreme Court and asked justices to strike down the order. It also demanded that the state annul all convict voter registrations received since McAuliffe issued the order last month.

McAuliffe’s order would reinstate voting rights to 206,000 violent and nonviolent felons who have finished their prison sentences in Virginia, including those who have not yet applied for a restoration of rights.

The unprecedented action would also allow felons in Virginia to sit on a jury, serve in elected office, or become a notary.


Just once before I pass, I’d like to see an important democrat pay a price for the theft, lies and corruption they deal in as a matter of rote.





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Walls by Jim Walter

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