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Tree falls without toppling Mary

2016_03 Tree misses Mary

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Arizona steps up

ABORTION civilized people

May 17, 2016: Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation that gives new powers to the director of the state’s Medicaid program to disqualify dangerous and/or scofflaw health care providers from receiving Medicaid reimbursals.  Reasons include:

  • neglecting a patient in a way that results in death or injury;
  • failing to complete mandatory reports of sexual assault or statutory rape;
  • failing to segregate tax dollars to ensure none goes to pay for elective abortions.

That last one includes accounting for all overhead expenses like rent, lights and heat, because Planned Parenthood is well known for sliming past “no tax dollars for abortion” laws by putting tax moneys into paying basic expenses for the facility in which abortions are performed.

In 2012, a federal court blocked Arizona’s attempts to disqualify abortion groups from Medicaid outright.

Lawmakers believe this is new law will survive legal challenge, because it simply allows the state agency to suspend any organization that does not obey the law.

If the organization corrects its problems, it could once again become part of the Medicaid program. This is no different than a restaurant that gets shut down for health violations.


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Happy Armed Forces Day

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