Obama: Worst Jobs President Ever

Obama points to the fact that unemployment dropped from 7.9% when he took office to 5% as of last month. But this is misleading in the extreme, since it ignores all those who want jobs, but who have given up looking because the economy is so bad.

Discouraged workers not unemployed

During Obama’s time in the White House, labor force participation dropped farther and faster than under any other administration.

OBAMA worst employment

Other statistics that show how horrific Obama’s economic leadership has truly been:

  • Percentage of families in which no one is employed = Up by 1.9%
  • Number of Americans living below the poverty line = Up by 3.5%
  • Number of Americans on food stamps = Up 13 million
  • Number of small businesses = Down by more than 6 million
  • The number of Americans who own homes = Down by 5.6%
  • Real median household income = Down by 2.3%

Obama welfare jobs


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  1. Shadowstats unemployment April 2016: 22.9%.

    I guess this guy doesn’t think we get the Internet out here.

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