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Their doctors were wrong

Although science has recently discovered the ability of babies in the womb to “self-correct” abnormalities, doctors continue to pressure parents to abort their unborn because they might be disabled.

2016_05 03 Jax is healthy

  • Titus’ mother was told her son would practically be a vegetable. She said no to abortion. Titus (who does have spina bifida) is very intelligent and able. He hit all his milestones at or before date. He goes to school and enjoys sports.
  • At 20-weeks, Ciaran’s mother was told her son would likely be born paralyzed, incontinent, and have no quality of life. She said no to abortion. Ciaran, now three, has no health problems and is developing like any other toddler.
  • Donna’s unborn daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Donna said no to abortion and learned at birth that the diagnosis was wrong. The same thing happened to Jennifer.
  • B was told 3 times to abort her twins because one of them had Downs. She said no. They were both born healthy.
  • Phil’s neighbor was told her unborn child had severe issues and she should abort it. She said no. Her handsome, healthy, 20-something son went through school in the gifted and talented program.
  • Hadassah was two months along when she started bleeding. The ultrasound showed an empty fetal sac, with no heartbeat. The doctor wanted to do a D&C to remove the dead baby. She asked for some time to talk to God and her Rabbi. The next ultrasound a normal for two months fetal sac and a heartbeat. Her son was born healthy at 37 weeks.
  • Rachel’s doctors said her baby had too little amniotic fluid and was sure to die, so she should abort him. Alfie’s parents said no to abortion. Later in the pregnancy, the doctors said Alfie was likely to be born without kidneys and no lung function. The parents again said no to abortion. Then the doctors said he might have a squashed face or club foot as well. Alfie was born with no health problems at all.



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