Military Mom is NOT happy!

2016_05 03 Trump war crimes

UCMJ, Section 16c(1)(c):

Lawfulness. A general order or regulation is lawful unless it is contrary to the Constitution, the laws of the United States, or lawful superior orders or for some other reason is beyond the authority of the official issuing it.

UCMJ, Section 14c(2)(a)(i):

Inference of lawfulness. A order requiring the performance of a military duty or act may be inferred to be lawful and it is disobeyed at the peril of the subordinate. This inference does not apply to a patently illegal order, such as one that directs the commission of a crime.


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  1. I won’t defend Donald — he doesn’t need my help — but I’m pretty confident nobody’s getting executed or tortured.

    I’ll assume that’s an accurate quote, but I believe he wasn’t really addressing us, he was addressing ISIS. Those camel jockeys are all about strutting their testosterone, and Trump’s addressing them on that level, as Kurt Russell in “Tombstone:” “I’m comin’ to get ya, boys, and HELL’S COMIN’ WITH ME!”

    No more apologies, no more advertising pullout deadlines, no more phony baloney ROEs. Watch out, Abdul bin Abdul, from here on out we’re in it to win it, and even your women and children ain’t safe.

    I think a lot of Trump’s bluster is setting up options for 2017. Trump’s no Reagan, but I’m reminded of Iran releasing the hostages as Reagan was being sworn in. They knew Jimmy Carter’s faculty-lounge foreign policy was in their rear-view mirror and their sandy backyard was about to be turned to glass.

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    • “and Hell’s comin’ with me!” Great movie. I just found out recently (might have been here, but I don’t remember) that they cast those actors (Kurt, Val, Powers, etc.) and dressed them so that they looked exactly like a surviving old photo of the boys in Tombstone. Probably got it from Wyatt, who hung around Hollywood for many years. Who knows? But they sure seemed right.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Trump said he would order our troops to hunt down and execute the families of terrorists.

      He also said he would order our troops to torture detainees. Even the CIA used to have to get approval from the Congressional oversight committee to waterboard, which doesn’t even qualify as torture. The military isn’t allowed to even do that much.

      This isn’t an academic exercise for me. I have kids in uniform. If you don’t see the difference between a strong-on-national-defense candidate like Reagan and an “I’ll give illegal orders and expect them to be obeyed” candidate, then I don’t think I can have a calm discussion with you.

      I don’t know what I’m going to do with my vote in November, but I am pretty sure I won’t be discussing Trump here again.


  2. After what our soldiers have been forced to endure under the current administration, with no opportunity to decide whether their rules of engagement are Constitutionally valid or not, facing a skyrocketing suicide rate that’s historically unprecedented, I have a hard time believing this CinC will be worse, but I could be wrong. I feel like we should take our chances here. Also, it’s not ego if you’re just stating a fact of the office of POTUS. What he said is as true of Obama as it would be for him.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Did I say he’d be worse? I said I was angry. I’m also depressed because FOR GOD’S SAKE he’s the leading Republican candidate. Saying he wouldn’t be worse than the worst Democrat in history is so not comforting. I have kids in the active military, dammit.


      • I feel your pain, and I’m sorry. But I have a son shipping to San Diego to Marine boot camp in 2 months who might get deployed to Syria before the year (and the election) is out. I hear yah. Unlike your daughters (whom I know have already seen actual danger overseas but were not technically supposed to be in high-threat roles), my son will be one of those enlisted marines clearing houses of jihadis and digging up IEDs. Gruntessa cries all the time. This means something for us, too.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          I wish I could tell you and Gruntessa that y’all will get through it okay, but I know you won’t. I lived under a black cloud from the time the kids left American soil until we got word they were boots dry coming home again.

          My brother, who is a Vietnam vet, asked how I could possibly deal with the stress. Prayer, prayer, and more prayer. I still tend to burst into tears at the thought of two officers pulling into my driveway and my kids are all stationed stateside at the moment.

          Army Princess deployed the year before her baby sister went. She thought being the stay-at-home person was harder than being the deployed person.

          And according to Mama Buzz, who has been through 9 hubby-sister-bil deployments, being the parent of a deployed person is harder than being the spouse. She said she got through hubby’s deployments okay, but the idea of her babies going to war hits her the way the image of two officers hits me. Instant waterworks.

          Sometimes I sign myself Military Mom Times Six. I have 2 dds and 3 sils who deployed. I consider the boys to be my sons even if I didn’t change their diapers, cuz one flesh. I also count Mama Buzz a war veteran. Being a military spouse is a special kind of challenge.

          I think dh and I endured 9 deployments. I can tell you from too much experience that, if your boy gets deployed, you’re going to do a lot of your Purgatory while he’s gone.

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          • I cannot imagine what you and dh endured. I’m only starting to try to imagine. It’s too soon for us to know anything like your pain. You’re very brave! Thanks for your good words, Chrissy.


  3. Ting

    I’m not trying to advocate – just to make people feel better. Sorry, Grunt about the worry for your son. And I know Chrissy has been through the wringer herself. Maybe it will be okay, is all I want to say with this:


    • Thanks for that, Ting! That is very encouraging, even more so because only 1 in 5 of them are too split to vote. Among the people I know, more of them seem split than that. Good to know!

      BTW, I’m in Chesapeake tidewaterland this week, and after some gut wrenching briefings coming up, I’ll probably head up the Rappahannock to see another good friend for some beers. Probably at Tappahannock. I know you folks know that area well and have a boat our there somewhere. Any interest in a cocktail (you and the dh) if things work out? The buddy is a real Washington insider who is good friends with guys like Bill Bennet and is very like-minded and excited about things going on right now. Anyway, think about it. I’ll try to let you know if we get a green light. No guarantees at this point.

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  4. Ting

    I would be interested. Our boat is about an hour and 15 minutes to the east of Tappahannock, just near the mouth of the Rappahannock, at Fishing Bay. If I am there, I would be glad to host a cocktail hour, or lunch (?) on the boat if that would be fun.

    My schedule is not my own much these days, however, since I have been caring for my Mom and my aunt who both got pneumonia in early March. They were each in the hospital for a little over a month, and then both of them came to my house in various stages of disability. After a month of that, I have finally gotten them both to my mother’s house with hired caretakers. The caretakers are great, but I have yet to be able to go anywhere overnight. I am shooting for this weekend, though! I need a boat fix. So, like you, my schedule is up in the air for now, but should be clearer later in the week.