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Hannity and Gingrich’s Response to Paul Ryan’s Refusal to Endorse Trump

I have to agree with these guys, by the way.  I have great respect for Gingrich, and in my mind, him being Reagan’s lieutenant back in the day, I think he speaks for Reagan far better than Paul Ryan.  – Grunt


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This Is What We’re In For

That Hillary was going to be the next president was a forgone conclusion. They never dreamed it would be this easy.

The Conservative Catastrophe Ahead

For the conservative movement, it is Armageddon, as we now know who the next president will be.
Americans in 2016 resolved their next president not on November 8, the official date-to-come of the election, but on May 3 in the state of Indiana. It is Hillary Rodham Clinton. With Donald Trump winning Indiana, and Ted Cruz thereby suspending his campaign, the seal has been broken.

For conservatives, Armageddon is fully upon us: a Hillary Clinton presidency, once seemingly impossible when a half-dozen to a dozen attractive Republicans could have defeated her, is a fait accompli courtesy of Trump and his supporters. An unwaveringly devoted sect of followers have pushed a crass, vulgar, uninformed, unstable TV celebrity/casino-mogul/cult-of-personality figure through the Republican primary process, a man unequivocally unsuited in temperament, character, grace, and knowledge for the presidency of the United States.
Marco Rubio put it best when he described Donald Trump as a charlatan and con man who must not be allowed to hijack the conservative movement and the party of Lincoln and Reagan. Well, fear not a permanent hijacking, because Trump’s leadership of the GOP will last only until November, after which he will slink back to New York, and Hillary Clinton will slide into the White House. He can’t win because the vast majority of Americans (outside the tight sect of Trumpists) are repulsed by the man.



An Unmitigated Disaster

Republican party leaders may have worried that Donald Trump would not only lose the general election for the presidency, but would so poison the image of the party as to cause Republican candidates for Congress and for state and local offices to also lose. Now they seem to be trying to patch things up, in order to present an image of unity before the general elections this fall.
For decades after Republican President Herbert Hoover was demonized because the Great Depression of the 1930s began on his watch, Democrats warned repeatedly, in a series of later presidential elections, that a vote for the Republican candidate was a vote to return to the days of Herbert Hoover.

It was 20 years before another Republican was elected president. As late as the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan was called by the Democrats’ Speaker of the House, “Hoover with a smile.” When a high official of the Reagan administration appeared before Congress to explain the administration’s policy, a Democratic Senator said, “That’s Hoover talk, man!”
The old World War II phrase — “loose lips sink ships” — applies on land as well as on the water. And no one has looser lips than Donald Trump, who repeatedly spouts whatever half-baked idea pops into his head. A man in his 60s has life-long habits that are not likely to change. Age brings habits, even if it does not bring maturity.



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Japanese Samurai Headed Toward Beatification

On January 21, 2016, Pope Francis signed a decree recognizing that Takayama Ukon could be proclaimed Blessed sometime in the near future. Beatification is a step in the Catholic canonization process.  The formal ceremony is most likely to take place in February 2017 in Tokyo.

The story of the Japanese samurai who could be declared a saint [2:07]


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Why Are There Still Palestinian Refugees?

When Israel was established in 1948, there were only 806,000 residents. The current population is around 8 and a half MILLION: Jews (74.9%); Arabs (20.7%); Non-Arab Christians, Baha’i, etc. (4.4%).

Hundreds of thousands of the Jews who migrated to Israel did so as penniless refugees from hostile Arab Muslim nations. They assimilated and are never considered refugees.

Yet the Arab Muslims who fled Israel (without needing to do so) are now in their 3rd generation and are still considered a pitiful group of refugees in dire need of mega-bucks in aid.

Why haven’t they moved on and made new homes and lives for themselves? In part, because the Muslim nations refuse to allow them to emigrate. These nations have a vested interest in keeping these so-called Palestinians sitting right next to Israel, whining and bombing.

Why Are There Still Palestinian Refugees?  [4:22]



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