I hope we get Raptured soon …

… so my grand-kids don’t have to grow up in a Clinton-Trump world.  Before November would be best, so I won’t have to torment myself with whether or not to vote for the lesser-but-not-by-much evil of “Obama in White Face.”

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5 responses to “I hope we get Raptured soon …

  1. I am right there with you. I thought I was pretty dang cynical before, but . . .well. Yes, prayer. But. . . it’s hard. All the little Despair-Serpents are back, crawling up the inside of my spine, trying to peek out my eyes and strangle my tongue.

    Not despair for me, but despair for something that had been great and beautiful and precious, that could have been recovered . . . but I guess Loki was right, after all.

    *sigh* At least he was kinda hot. I suppose I should start practicing my fake-cheering: “Yay, authoritarianism! Yay, more power for central government! I super-love Big Brother/ Sister! Who needs the Constitution anyway?! Freedom is Slavery! YAY!!!”

    I’ve been fending this off since I was old enough to vote. Every single time since I turned 18, always swallowing my own disgust and promoting the lesser of two evils. But all that’s done is whittle away at my soul and callous my heart, with nothing to show for it. (At least demons have to stick to the letter of the contract.) I was tired of it in 2008, and in 2012 I vowed that was the last time.

    The worst part, though, is the betrayal in it. I was ready to go down swinging, to fight to the end. End of the Line, yanno? Except, turns out the people I would have taken a bullet for where the ones behind the trigger. (By which, I’m not meaning anyone here, in this little community. I’m meaning. . . others, elsewhere. Facebook, daily life, the like.) (And apologies to Cap America, Bucky Barnes, and Fall Out Boy for stealing their lines.)

    Most of you know that I’ve no problem with disagreement. I’m fine with disagreeing on things. Keeps life interesting. And, even, occasionally, it has happened that I was mistaken on something. No, the betrayal I’m talking about is some people I’ve known for years, personally and in real life, who always swore that they had certain values, certain moral principles, who are gleefully tossing them out, and then trying to bully me, to guilt me, into doing something they know I find abhorrent. Telling me that my faith, my moral values, shouldn’t have any bearing on anything political.
    F*ck that noise.
    I guess I’ve been deceived this whole time. I had too much faith in them. Look how easily they cast aside principles for pragmatism. Geeze . . .

    Silver Lining: Maybe all this despair will numb me enough that I’ll be able to get through Captain America: Civil War without having the long-feared emotional breakdown due to overabundance of Bucky!Feels. We can hope, right?

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  2. Pistol Pete

    I’m in agreement with you,Zoph.Like in my beloved old westerns,the good guys don’t win anymore.We have been betrayed by those we trusted and now it looks like the road to Gomorrah is looming.I’m still of the opinion,rightly or wrongly that Trump ran for president on a lark,for the fun of being in the public eye every day or else he was a plant to make sure Hillarys ascension to the throne she has lusted after for decades matters little anymore.Many republicans will not vote for Trump and Ben Sasse is talking about running third party to “make a statement.” Even if the RNC had allowed a real conservative a fair chance,there is no way to overcome the tidal wave of government parasites and the sophisticated fraud machine the democrats operate.I remain firm in my view that I will never see another republican president.We’re too far gone.And we couldn’t stop it.My precious grandchildren will be forced to grow up being denied the right to pledge allegiance,pray in public,if their opinions are not government-approved they will be silenced.Rugged individualism has been usurped by fealty to the state.They will decide where you live,what you eat and what you see and read.


    • Ting

      I used to think that Trump ran for a lark, but only briefly. I haven’t thought that in more than 6 months. I think he is sincere. I know, you can call me every kind of naive and I will listen to you. The two most important things about my business are that I deal with every kind of person under the sun, and I have to be a really good listener. I knew Trump was going to win. And I do think he has been planning it a long time. You can argue that he was slow on the organization and I will concede the point. But he thought far enough ahead to trademark “Make America Great Again” right after Romney lost. I think that really got to him. See this in the Daily Mail:


      I don’t particularly care for him. But I had something to hate about all of the 17. I read today that the Susan B. Anthony group is thrilled with the policy guy that Trump hired today. So maybe things will be okay. I know it has a lot of folks really down. It took me a while to accept what I knew was going to happen, so I understand. I just think about those SCOTUS appointments, the mess of Obamacare, and Hillarycare from long ago, the ridiculous rules of engagement for our troops, the mess of the Middle East, the dogged determination to tax the air to manage the weather, etc. and I am at peace with what I have to do.

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  3. I haven’t read all these, yet. All I can say is, wow. Where else on the web can you find a conversation like this? Too cool. 🙂

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