Springtime in Western Wisconsin

Here are some pictures taken in my yard recently.


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6 responses to “Springtime in Western Wisconsin

  1. Ting

    Beautiful! I am admiring the background greenery, too.

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  2. Pistol Pete

    May we never take the simple beauty of God’s handiwork for granted.

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  3. It’s still too early to plant anything, so the only things blooming are the perennials and things that reseed themselves. The violets are my favorites. They grow well in shady spots under trees and shrubs, where other things won’t grow… and it’s the Wisconsin state flower. 🙂

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  4. Pistol Pete

    I still remember as a kid looking through the seed catalogs that came during the winter and planning what kind of veggies and fruit I’d grow the next spring in the patch of land my granddad would till for me.It was so much better growing them than going to the store and buying them.

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