Not Exactly the Dashing White Knights Now, Woman-Abusing NRO Idiots May Have Got Andrea Tantaros Fired from Fox

Remember all the chivalry displayed by writers at the National Review and The National Review Online (NRO) in defending the honor of Michelle Fields when she accused the Trump campaign of mistreating her?  I do.  I remember dozens of pieces, like this one by David French, accusing the campaign of every sleazy, despicable deed under the sun, including fomenting a culture of violence and an all out war on women in propping up her dubious story.

Months later, of course, after her story and behavior have been revealed to be complete shams and Corey Lewandowski has been vindicated, I don’t recall any walk-back from French or the clowns at NRO, like Kevin Williamson or Charles Cooke, who relentlessly beat the Twitter drums on behalf of Ms. Fields.


Andrea Tantaros

But in the meantime, Messrs. Williamson and Cooke may have succeeded in getting one of my favorite female writers fired from Fox News: Andrea Tantaros.  Great work, assholes.  You’re perfecting that “white knight” role nicely in defense of women in the business.  Good job proving to us that the Michelle Fields thing wasn’t all about Trump after all, right boys?  Because, that’s what your beef with Tantaros was all about, the fact that she dared to be defensive of Trump.

And your criticisms were so high-brow and gentlemanly, like the times you accused her of lying after she responded to your criticisms of her for being ‘stupid.’  Not unlike the awesome RedState site who actually published “FoxNews Raises Average IQ of Outnumbered by Taking Andrea Tantaros Off the Air.”  I especially like your retweet of this post which mocked her for being a terrible writer, when in fact, she is nothing of the kind:


I don’t even know what to make of this.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have a degree in English, and I’m just a technical writer and humble rocket scientist.  But, truthfully, I fail to see what’s so stupid about this snippet of Tantaros adequately describing a useful technical analogy.  Is it just too technical for you boys?  Is that it?

I’d prefer not to quote any more of those two youngsters, frankly, but I’ll wrap up with a wonderful quote from another New Republic genius that I used to admire before he became an offensive bigot, which I’d think would be a challenge for a talented Jewish writer from the upper west side of Manhattan who should know better.  Thanks for calling me a stupid whore, Jonah Goldberg.  I always find that to be most persuasive.

While my opposition to Trump is not primarily an argument about electability, I’ve been focusing on that angle lately because the establishment opportunists, quislings, sell-outs, pragmatists, and harlots are more persuadable on these grounds than arguments over principle. People open to principled arguments against Trump have already been persuaded.


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  1. Thanks, Grunt, well stated. I’ve kind of taken a step back from here because I don’t want to stir anything up, and we’re in an era where the slightest online disagreement may be taken personally in the absence of vocal or visual inflections.

    Well, that, and apparently according to half a dozen sites I’m a racist. So …

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    • LOL! I know the feeling. You know, on that topic, I just got fired from Political Clown Parade about 10 minutes ago, so yeah, I know exactly what you mean. 😉 And I’m serious. If they don’t fire me here, I’ll petition to keep you around, Jane. Don’t worry. 😉 Or maybe, DO worry, considering. 🙂


  2. Ting

    I think the thing about this whole election that has driven me the most crazy is how rabidly dogmatic on all sides the supposed thought leaders in the media, and on the blogs, have proven to be. I have been disappointed in almost everyone I once admired on the main conservative sites and shows and radio. People on one side have eviscerated those who support another. And vice-versa. It is almost Lord of the Flies territory. There is no sense of humor evident anywhere these days. None of these guys are worth it – I am telling you with all my heart – NONE of them are worth losing friendships. They are all flawed.

    The saddest thing of the whole season to me is the horrendous treatment of Phyllis Schafly. And all of that is rooted in who prefers who for POTUS.

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  3. chrissythehyphenated

    I hope all y’all know we do not do flame threads here in the garden. I’ve made no secret of why I prefer Cruz. But I welcome those of you who comment and post thoughtful and, yes, funny! things in favor of Trump.

    PoliNation’s founders, God bless them, set this site up for this express purpose. It’s why we have a group of good folks with Admin privileges and not an individual site owner. It is also why we maintain a private clubhouse at Facebook for discussing the back stage stuff.

    I was not a founder, but I believe the Facebook clubhouse was meant to be a place to discuss privately when an individual or comment thread had crossed the line. But, to be honest, in all my years here (yikes, it’s been YEARS!), the biggest issue we’ve ever chewed over was whether or not to update the background! LOL

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    • I’m sorry, Chrissy, I’m not privy to the FB back room. Did this post cross the line? I really didn’t mean for this to be a flame thread OR an overtly pro-Trump piece, but rather a criticism of those who are acting maliciously on behalf of their agenda. In this case, it’s the NRO folks who have been pretty clear about their position, which is not pro-anybody at this point. They are just waging an anti-Trump campaign, and it seems a lot of people are getting in the way. That seems a legit topic, to me. Is that wrong?

      On the other hand, I know that at least Bluebird is pretty fond of the NR, so I hope I don’t offend in that way, but I don’t mean to. Actually, the more I think about it, mentioning David French specifically probably DID get on Blue’s nerves. Sorry about that, Blue. I’ll give it a rest, so there won’t be any more discussion on the topic from me. In fact, I’m pretty much giving up blogging entirely pretty soon because of the extent of this division. It’s pretty much already killed every single friendship remaining in our community. But we’ll see. I’m just a little more discouraged than usual after getting fired from another website. Maybe things will look better later.

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      • Ting

        I don’t think it crossed a line at all. The Facebook group actually came before the blog – it was just a way for some of us who liked one another to stay in touch. Not much about the blog is discussed there at all – usually only technical issues – I am of no help there! You would be welcome to join that group if you are on Facebook. Pete would love the companionship, I am sure.

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        • Thank you, Ting! I appreciate that! Hearing Pete’s uncensored comments would be pretty awesome! 🙂 He’s funnier than just about anybody else I know. You’ve met Gruntessa, and she and I kinda share her FB account. Do you think she would be welcome?

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          • You would both be welcome.

            The secret FB group actually started during the Honey Trail era. There were a bunch of us who commented regularly on HT who thought it would be fun if we could be friends on FB, but since most of us used different names on HT and many of us didn’t want to publicly out ourselves, someone suggested setting up a private group on FB that we could join. The group started out with a lot of members, but many of them bailed out when HT imploded following the infamous flaming trousers incident. A few of us hung on and eventually started PoliNation.

            We do sometimes discuss blog-related stuff there, but mostly it’s just for fun, family news, prayer requests, silly stuff, and occasional venting.

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            • Sounds great! I’ve heard it mentioned over the years, even as far back as HT, and I assumed that’s where You and Chrissy and Frankly play Olympic-class Scrabble. Lemme check with the boss. Thanks, Bob!

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              • Ting

                I think that I am allowed to add people. It has been so long that I am not sure if I have that “privilege” or not. Get Gruntessa to send me a “friend” request, and I will approve it and I might be able to add from that. If not, I will see who can.

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  4. Pistol Pete

    I can’t speak for the rest of the FB group,but they invited me,and I’m the only male.It’s a great venue for sharing things you wouldn’t necessarily want to be made public knowledge.I saw this morning you’re not on PCP anymore.(pun intended).Rest assured,you’re welcome here always.Hell,they let me spout off and I’m pretty much an idiot.

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  5. chrissythehyphenated

    Grunt … argh!! ::headbanging:: I should have been more clear.

    The point I was trying to make was that we don’t WANT this to be a “rah rah agree with me or go to hell” place. We envision it more as a family holiday gathering where we know people are going to disagree, but where we all mind our manners and keep our opinionated comments polite.

    As long as discussions are substantive and do not stoop to name calling, I have no problem with folks disagreeing with me. And I welcome corrections, because I want my posts to be as accurate and useful as possible.

    IF we had any problem with a post you did, we’d talk to you privately. And I hope you get a Facebook account. Since you now have posting privileges, you really should be able to visit the clubhouse and have a vote.

    Oh, and I can’t play Scrabble any more. My trailing-edge-of-technology computer can’t handle the game’s software.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Clarification for Pete’s sake … venting about a situation or public person is fine. I meant we want commenters to be polite toward each other. 🙂


      • What??? No Scrabble? That’s terrible!

        Chrissy, I’m really sorry I misinterpreted you. Honestly, I only read the slightest bit of question into it. I was pretty sure there was no serious issue, and I’m glad there wasn’t. Thanks for clarifying, and thanks for the FB invite!

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