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Of Apes and Men

Unless your Memorial Day plans included backpacking to the inner wilds of Bora Bora, you’ve doubtless heard about the little kid who managed to get into the gorilla enclosure, which cost Harambe, a 17 year old zoo-raised gorilla, his life. Since then the death of this unfortunate primate has taken precedence over just about everything. Predictably, the animal rights activists are bemoaning the fact the animal was destroyed. And just as I’m one of those cynical old racists who, when he reads about a violent crime being committed, first assumes the perp doesn’t exactly look like me, so the victim class who sees racism behind every tree, they assumed it was a white kid the Gorilla was killed to save.

There are an awful lot of people who ended up with egg on their face late Monday.

The Daily Mail revealed Facebook photos of the couple who they reported as the parents of the inquisitive little four-year-old boy who fell into the gorilla habitat Saturday, resulting in the shooting death of the gorilla in order to save the life of the child.

This happened at the Cincinnati Zoo, and one of the zoo-goers captured heart-pounding video of the boy’s life-and-death struggle with the gorilla.

Liberals and Black Lives Matter activists took to social media to call the shooting of the gorilla an act of racism — killing a gorilla to save a white kid.

The boy’s mother thanked everyone on her Facebook page for their prayers and support:

Yes, it turned out that both parents of the boy are African-American. In the initial videos, it was hard to determine the race of the child. Not that anyone other than the race-baiters would even care to do so.

Meet the boy’s mother, Michelle Gregg, 32, who has three additional children by father Deonne Dickerson, 36.

Apparently having four children is not a motivation for getting married. I suspect if they did they’d lose some of the government handouts they live on.

Criminal filings against Dickerson stretch over a decade and include burglary, firearms offences, drug trafficking, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and kidnap.

In 2006 he was sentenced to one year behind bars for a drug trafficking conviction.

But in numerous pictures posted on Dickerson’s Facebook site in recent years he appears to have turned his life around to become the proud father of four.

She has been the subject of sharp criticism following the incident that saw zoo staff shoot dead Harambe who, according to new video footage, may have been protecting rather than threatening the child after he crawled through a barrier and fell into the gorilla’s enclosure.

More outraged animal lovers took to social media declaring the western lowland gorilla’s life was unnecessarily taken, and more than 290,000 have already joined ‘Justice for Harambe’ which place the blame squarely on the boy’s parents.

Welcome to the Summer: 69 People Shot In Chicago Over Memorial Day Weekend, 6 Killed

An aspiring rapper charged for a deadly shooting at a T.I. concert in New York has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and is claiming he was the victim.

Roland (Troy Ave) Collins’ lawyer said his client should be treated like the ‘real victim’, even though there is video of him shooting at patrons during a gig at Irving Place on Wednesday. The footage also seems to show him shooting himself in the leg.

The chaos that unfolded in the middle of the event led to one man being shot dead and three others, including a 26-year-old model, being wounded.

Police say his charges could be upgraded to murder if ballistics tests confirm that he was the one who shot Ronald McPhatter dead.

Collins is being held without bail.

Online date is arrested for murder after body of woman is found in shallow grave next to her burnt-out car
Remains of Angela Russo were found buried in Maricopa, Arizona
Was missing since April 19 when she went out with Lashawn Johnson
He is behind bars and has been charged with her murder
Diana Schalow, Russo’s mother, said discovery caused ‘excruciating pain’
They said they had gone out looking many times since she vanished

The Maricopa Police Department said in a news release Sunday that officials found ‘significant evidence of foul play’ when they found Russo’s body.


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No Words Needed

Aiden Schmidt, 6, of Leechburg, sits next to his fathers’s grave on Memorial Day. Aiden’s father Army Staff Sgt. Jonathan P. Schmidt, died Sept. 1, 2012, in Batur Village, Afghanistan, while serving during Operation Enduring Freedom.


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Some Gave All

Please, do not say “Happy Memorial Day.” Memorial Day isn’t a day to be “happy.” It is not “celebrated,” it is observed.

It is a day to be reflective, to remember the men and women that have sacrificed and gave all defending the freedom and liberty that we all enjoy today.

Visit a National Cemetery or maybe the grave of someone you knew who gave their life to protect our freedom.

At least pause, sometime during the long weekend, to remember, say a prayer for, and honor those men and women who served.

Please, just remember to thank a vet you may meet, for his or her service, and God bless those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

And to anyone that greets you with “Happy Memorial Day,” politely remind them to do the same.


Much is written on this holiday by people far more eloquent than me. I tried for a half hour to put my reverence and awe of such men and women into words and cannot cobble together a tribute worthy of such warriors. The following will suffice for now as a THANK YOU for those who selflessly heeded the call to grant us the freedom and prosperity that is the envy of the world.






Mourning Bald Eage At Arlington National Cemetery



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Auntie Warrior Princess is reading Harold and the Purple Crayon to the Mascots, who are 4 time zones away.  Bunny is following along with her own copy.

2016_05 27 K reading to A


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58 ER Calls

ABORTION PP emergencies


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Nuking Japan Saved Lives

Pearl Harbor

The following is by James Delingpole (May 27, 2016):

President Obama has kowtowed to the Japanese and Western liberals by promising at the site of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb “we shall not repeat the evil.”

People who agree with this sentiment ought to do two things.

First they should read the essay – Thank God for the Atom Bomb (link below) – war historian Paul Fussell wrote on how he felt when, as a 21-year-old second lieutenant in the US army, he and his comrades heard the news that Japan had been nuclear bombed into surrender.

“When we learned to our astonishment that we would not be obliged in a few months to rush up the beaches near Tokyo assault-firing while being machine-gunned, mortared, and shelled, for all the practiced phlegm of our tough facades we broke down and cried with relief and joy. We were going to live.”

Second, they should familiarize themselves with which country it was started this particular war; which country fought it with such sadistic determination that they would frequently torture and bayonet prisoners – even the wounded, in hospitals they’d overrun and would almost always refuse to surrender themselves, making any assault on territory they held more than usually costly in allied lives.

If ever the US finds itself in such circumstances again, let us pray that the president it has at the time is nothing like Barack Obama.



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Planned Parenthood: Where Profit Is #1

PP aborting dead babies

A Nurse Practitioner named Angie quit her job at Planned Parenthood after she was ripped a new one for not selling an abortion to a woman whose baby had died in utero.

  • Angie: “I got her where she needed to be, over to the emergency room.”
  • Boss: “No, you did not. Why didn’t you send her to Dallas for an abortion?”
  • Angie: “Because she wasn’t here for an abortion, and her baby was dead. So I would’ve sent her to you and you would’ve done an ultrasound and then you would’ve told her.”
  • Boss: “No, we wouldn’t have. When we do the ultrasound, all we’re doing is sizing the pregnancy so that we know what kind of abortion to do. They’ve already signed consent for their abortion, so we don’t tell them if their baby is dead or alive or twins or triplets.”

“Planned Parenthood’s bottom line is numbers. And, with abortion as its primary money-maker, that means implementing a quota. I know this is true because I worked at one of their Texas clinics for 8 years, two as the clinic director.” —Abby Johnson, founder of And Then There Were None, a pro-life ministry to aid abortion workers like Angie desiring to leave the business.


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Hilly’s Angels

Only a really twisted mind could ever equate the ultimate male fantasy of the 70’s with the Stygian witches who do the bidding of She Who Must Be Protected. This is what we have come to, ladies and gentlemen.
If you recall, the premise was a mysterious man named Charlie (voice of John Forsythe, but you already knew that) who recruited three police women and turned them into a team of super crime fighters. Any male awash with testosterone during those times who tells you he didn’t have the infamous Farrah Fawcett poster on his wall is probably lying to you.

They did a remake of this classic in the 1990’s, but like most imitations it paled in comparison to the real deal.

Now comes the most hateful criminal whoever donned a polyester pantsuit, Hilly Von Pukestain. She recruited her ‘angels’ and put them in positions to wield power and most of all, protect her. They are fiercely loyal and any attempt to dissuade them aiding and abetting her criminality would be futile.

First is Cheryl Mills.I have no idea what she ever did on her own, don’t much care.

Second is Body Girl and alleged lover, Iranian Muslim, mated with the New York Adam’s Apple, Carlos Danger, AKA Bony Tony Weiner, Huma Abedin.

Last but not least, The Enforcer. The one charged with rigging the primaries for her boss to be exalted to the throne she reckons is rightfully hers. Her services have no doubt made her enough money to keep her in organic hair mayonnaise and heavy duty marital aids for a very long time. The one. The only (thank goodness). Rumors she has a love child with Alan Grayson have never been proven.

Look, y’all, I have a reputation and I try to live down to it as often as possible. If you want intelligent, cogent thought, read Victor Davis Hanson or Clarice Feldman. I’m an idiot…but you already knew that.


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Katie Couric is a Liar

In 2008, Katie Couric did a fraudulent editing job on her interview with Palin to make the VP hopeful look like an airhead.  Later, Couric was given a journalism award for it.  Now she’s pulled the same crap for a gun “documentary” to make 2d Amendment supporters look stupid.  Rush exposes her at the link below.

2016_05 Katie Couric lies

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Must See Video

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