You Might Be a Liberal…

… if you think adult college students should be protected from hearing or seeing things they disagree with, but children using public bathrooms should not be protected from hearing or seeing things that could traumatize them.

2016 Safe space toon

Tran bathroom abuse


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  1. Reblogged this on Lloyd's of Rochester – an Eclectic blog and commented:
    These cartoons portraying typical contemporary conflicting/ illogical thought were too funny to not reblog. Although not all who call themselves transgender will do such things, too many perverts are ALREADY taking advantage of this and there are stories making the news in spite of political correctness (and there are sites linking to them), although the major media sources do their best to NOT to pick them up for national consumption. There are those who so badly want this worldview to be true that they will ignore and suppress all evidence to the contrary. There’s a phrase for this, it’s called “You’re only fooling yourself.”

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’m curious to see what happens when someone gets molested in one of these p.c. establishments. I’m thinking lawsuits.

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      • That is a very real and valid concern for so many of us. I wonder if the media would even pick up a local lawsuit for national consumption because it conflicts with the worldview they so much want to be true.

        There is little willingness to point out the foolishness of this, and the silence forced on the majority is creating a huge cultural “boil” that is being ignored (“there’s nothing there, just a phantom pain, a normal part of everyday life”) until it gets more and more “infected” and “erupts” or puts the “body” in the hospital (not a very good analogy, but you get the idea).

        Yet the whiners demanding “safe spaces” and silencing of dissent and opposing opinions is not mocked out as it should be.

        The PC cultural paradigm of ignoring this is a very bad idea, and it won’t work. It’s going to end in tears.

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        • chrissythehyphenated

          I love your analogy! I also think the MSM would/will ignore such a story, but the social media surely won’t and we have grown into a powerful force.

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        • chrissythehyphenated

          My prayer and Bible time today was heavy on the “do not judge” thing. This set off some serious questioning, because I feel that blogging is part of my current assignment from God.

          So when is it appropriate to report on and/or snark on the evil I see on the Left? And when am I being too judgmental? How can I know?

          As I prayed, God put one thing on my heart. “Truth.” Some people’s jobs require them to judge others, but it should always be done factually, so I need to chase down the memes I see, make sure they’re grounded in truth. I need to be careful of my sources.

          These aren’t new ideas for me in my blogging, just a refresher course. Plus the Left lies a lot. We are seeing this in a local election where the Democrats put out a flyer that had demonstrably false statements.

          E.g., if we don’t buy this piece of land (they want to spend money on land they have no plans for … what a shock), it’ll be left open to “unrestricted development.” I was gobsmacked and asked hubby, “Isn’t all the land in this Town ZONED? Don’t you have to get building permits to put up any structure, even a shed?” Yes.

          The Republicans put together a rebuttal flyer that covered that point plus others I didn’t have the knowledge to catch myself. Is that judging? Probably. Is it their responsibility to speak the truth? Absolutely.

          I think I also need to remember to pray about every blog topic I am considering and, with the ones I get a go-ahead for, pray again before printing PUBLISH.

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  2. Pistol Pete

    They’ll just blame it on republicans,racism and white privilege.Whatever works.