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Ode to Our Honored Guests

We will soon be forced to speak Spanish in the name of diversity.
Here is a primer to help you get started down the path of embracing their culture.








This concludes today’s journey into stupidity.

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Crowder moderates debate between Trump and Sanders

For further enlightenment and amusement:

Bernie Sanders Plan Debunked

Microaggression: A Beginner’s #SJW Guide

Why “Democratic” Socialism Doesn’t Work

I’m Just a Bill (Transgender Schoolhouse Rock Parody)

Journey for Bernie



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The Left’s True Agenda

The Left routinely panders to Muslims, the best of whom are anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, and anti-women’s rights, and the worst of whom are rape-ganging, slave-trading, honor-killing, murderous bastards.

Thus, I am forced to conclude that the true motivation behind the Left’s agendas is hatred for Bible-loving Christians and Jews.  It is the one and only thing I can find with which Muslims agree with them 100%.

2016_04 Obama Muslims and Gays

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Hillary twerks hard for money

WARNING: If you are low on brain bleach, you may want to order more before visiting Jim Walter’s latest. The graphics are worthy of Pistol Pete LOL. Plus, there are the lyrics to the song.

She twerks hard for you honey
So horny for the money
She twerks hard for you honey
So you better grease her right

The bottom gif is not a brain burner, but is ohhhhhhhhhhh so funny! I could watch this all day!!!  ROFLLL snort

Twerks for Money, Panders for Votes by Jim Walter

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