Socialism vs Subsidiarity

Catholics who put their faith first would be well advised to hold candidates up to the light of the RCC’s teachings on economics.

Catechism on Socialism

Speaking of the factors that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, Pope John Paul II noted the inefficiency of the economic system, which is not to be considered simply as a technical problem, but rather a consequence of the violation of the human rights to private initiative, to ownership of property and to freedom in the economic sector.

“To this must be added the cultural and national dimension: it is not possible to understand man on the basis of economics alone, nor to define him simply on the basis of class membership. Man is understood in a more complete way when he is situated within the sphere of culture through his language, history, and the position he takes towards the fundamental events of life, such as birth, love, work and death.

“At the heart of every culture lies the attitude man takes to the greatest mystery: the mystery of God. Different cultures are basically different ways of facing the question of the meaning of personal existence. When this question is eliminated, the culture and moral life of nations are corrupted.”

Centesimus Annus by St. John Paul II [1991] para 24

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3 responses to “Socialism vs Subsidiarity

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    It should be noted that the United States is not guilty of unregulated capitalism.

    IMHO, our market is much too much under the jackboot of various governments and ginormous unions, plus our tax structure is the opposite of fair. As for economic equality, spare me the whining about how rich the rich are, because it is a sin called ENVY.

    We should be concerned that the poor have the necessities for life. But realistically, when the total resources available to those our government calls “living below the poverty line” are compared to the global community, it is clear they are very well off indeed.

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