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Socialism vs Subsidiarity

Catholics who put their faith first would be well advised to hold candidates up to the light of the RCC’s teachings on economics.

Catechism on Socialism

Speaking of the factors that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, Pope John Paul II noted the inefficiency of the economic system, which is not to be considered simply as a technical problem, but rather a consequence of the violation of the human rights to private initiative, to ownership of property and to freedom in the economic sector.

“To this must be added the cultural and national dimension: it is not possible to understand man on the basis of economics alone, nor to define him simply on the basis of class membership. Man is understood in a more complete way when he is situated within the sphere of culture through his language, history, and the position he takes towards the fundamental events of life, such as birth, love, work and death.

“At the heart of every culture lies the attitude man takes to the greatest mystery: the mystery of God. Different cultures are basically different ways of facing the question of the meaning of personal existence. When this question is eliminated, the culture and moral life of nations are corrupted.”

Centesimus Annus by St. John Paul II [1991] para 24

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The Weekly Rant

The much-ballyhooed New York primaries were held yesterday.The results were as predictable as morning sunrises.The Bloody Bitch garnered just over a million votes.The 76 year old hippie tallied about 750,000.Native New Yorker Donald Trump,winning 69% of the republican votes got just over 400,000.Did you get that?The presumptive nominee of the republican party lost by more than a quarter-million votes to the old fossil who came in second.Cruz finished a dismal third in the balloting,behind Kasich,making it a mathematical impossibility for him to win on the first ballot.
It all matters little or nothing.I am steadfast in my belief that Trump was simply running on a lark and his celebrity drew people to him and his fiery but empty rhetoric.The compliant media helped him destroy the only viable conservative in Ted Cruz,and will instantly turn on him once he has the party standard in hand.The democrats have stacks of negative trash to heap on The Donald and he won’t be able to shrug it off as he has up until now.
This election was decided the day Dear Reader was immaculated.Hillary was promised she would be next and given the Secretary post so she could rake in hundreds of millions of dollars while she waited.Neither Trump nor any surrogate the elites implant has an inkling of a prayer.All the talk about Bernie Backers staying home is little more than white noise.They all want to stay on the freestuff train and they know who the engineer is.Even if Trump were to win,he’d be no different.He knows business but he knows nothing about governance.He would have to constantly make deals with the democrats who will be running things come 2017 and his ideas are not too divergent from theirs.The America we knew and loved has been asphyxiated by hordes of welfare layabouts and illegals.All that’s left is her burial,which is scheduled for Jan,2017.

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