Europe’s shameful response to immigrant rape

Amun Abdullahi - Sweden

Amun Abdullahi is a Somali-Swedish journalist and founder of a girl’s school in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Mark Steyn accused of being “obsessed with sex” [4:20]

Blistering comeback from Steyn. Good part starts at 1:03. The whole video is well worth your time.

Partial Transcript:

“I’m slightly amazed at our colleague’s ability to get big laughs on gang rape.”

Steyn continued that when children as young as three are getting raped by refugees, it has nothing to do with “sex,” but everything to do with using “power” to dominate others.

“We’re not talking about the kind of sex I want to have – I ain’t into three year old girls,” Steyn said before listing numerous examples of hideous sexual crimes against children by migrants in Germany over a 10 day period last January.

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4 responses to “Europe’s shameful response to immigrant rape

  1. I’m still too shocked by this to speak. So many grown people without souls. I weep when I think of the testimony these 7-year-olds will have against us in Heaven.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I am always interested in seeing what happens when the Left’s pet demographics come up against each other.

      The fact that the atheist humanists in Europe’s governments and media are pimping for jihadi violence over the most basic civil rights for women tells me a great deal about who Satan favors.

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      • Excellent article by Heather Mac Donald: When Pieties Collide

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        • chrissythehyphenated

          “Feminists incessantly harp about a phantom “rape culture” in the United States and other Western countries. On New Year’s Eve 2016, Northern European cities experienced an outbreak of the real thing—and the opponents of patriarchy went silent. It turns out that a more powerful force exists on the left than feminist victimology: multiculturalism. … people who did name the attacks for what they were—a manifestation of Muslim misogyny and an alarm bell regarding mass immigration—were vilified as racists.”

          Thanks, Bob.

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