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Another Liar for Hillary

Neera Tanden is president of the Center for American Progress, arguably the most influential liberal think tank in the country. She has also worked extensively with Hillary Clinton, serving as policy director both in Clinton’s Senate office and her presidential campaign.

Yesterday, she tweeted this howler:

2016_04 06 Tanden tweet Hillary

Welllllll … she said he was unqualified to be VICE president.

2008_03 10 Clinton Obama unqualified

She put out this very famous campaign ad that not-too-subtly slammed Obama’s lack of experience.

Hillary Clinton Ad – 3 AM White House Ringing Phone [:30]

And she got down and dirty here as well.

2008 Clinton sneers at Obama's quals

Color me all unsurprised that Hilliar Clinton’s pimps are also liars.  You lie down with dogs …



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PHYSICS If you fall, I'll be there

Passive aggression autocorrect

CAT laughing over missing dog

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Shameless Progressive AGs Abuse the System – UPDATE

Dem stifle speech

In the past two days, I’ve seen two stories about state’s Attorney Generals flagrantly abusing the power of their offices to punish Conservatives.  In more cheerful news, both of these stories has come under fire from those on both sides of the aisle who actually give a crap about the law and preserving our freedoms.

In California, AG Kamala Harris (who wants to run for a Senate seat) decided to totally ignore the abundant and blatant video evidence showing that Planned Parenthood violates the law with regard to the sale of aborted baby parts while she persecutes the video makers, David Daleiden and other members of his Center for Medical Progress.

Besides haggling for the highest prices, high level Planned Parenthood executives talk openly on the videos about altering abortion procedures and lie to patients in order to profit from the sale of dead babies.  All of this is illegal.

Does AG Harris care?  No.  She’s such a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood, she even has a petition on her campaign website to collect signatures to defend the abortion giant and she sponsored a law to force pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to tell their patients where to go to get abortions.

This week, on Harris’ order, Daleiden’s home was raided for evidence of his “crime” which was that, as part of the video sting operation, he and his peeps created a company called Center for Medical Progress and approached Planned Parenthood execs about buying baby parts when they ::gasp:: had no intention of actually buying any.

In other appalling news …

More than a dozen states AGs stood on a stage with Al Gore and swore publicly to persecute so-called “climate deniers.”  Cuz, you know, the First Amendment only applies to people the Progs LIKE.

Mar 29, 2016: Joined by democrat Attorneys General from six states, former Vice President Al Gore announces the formation of an ‘historic coalition’ to investigate “commercial interests that have been… deceiving the American people” about the reality of the “climate crisis and the dangers it poses to all of us”.

More @ http://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/03/29/al-gore-and-state-attorney-generals-start-another-climate-witch-hunt/

Note: This is a continuation of the topic I discussed @ https://polination.wordpress.com/2016/04/06/unborn-persons/.

And yes, “shameless progressive” is an oxymoron redundant.

UPDATE: Planned Parenthood has donated more than $80 grand to Kamala Harris’ campaign coffers.  http://www.lifenews.com/2016/04/07/planned-parenthood-donated-81000-to-kamala-harris-who-ransacked-david-daleidens-home/


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Worker of Mercy

Pakistan firefighter teaches reading in park

Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world and no free public education.  Because their parents cannot afford to send them to school, millions of Pakistani children have little hope of rising out of poverty. Master Ayub’s students are not among them.

Master Ayub’s Park School in Pakistan [3:28]

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