Unborn PERSONS?!

On April 3, 2016, Hillary Clinton made the absolutely extraordinary statement that “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

It’s not extraordinary that she thinks the unborn can be slaughtered with impunity.  That’s just the Democrat Party Line.

What’s extraordinary is that she referred to the unborn as PERSONS.

The entire abortion argument is predicated on the idea that fetuses are PROPERTY, NOT PERSONS.

Until Roe v. Wade, the civil rights movement consisted entirely of shifting segments of humans from the category of PROPERTY (women, slaves, criminals, employees) to the category of PERSONS (living, human beings with equal rights under the law).

Abortion is the sole, shameful example of our nation moving a segment of our population in the other direction.

Baby Lives Matter by Terrell

It should terrify us that a major political figure and presidential wannabe has stated publicly that the unborn are, in fact, PERSONS who she believes have no right to protection under our laws.

The nation’s founders believed that rights are granted equally by God to all His human children.

Progressives believe that rights are the property of the elite to give or withhold as they see fit.

This is the basis for their support for abortion and for their attacks on the religious freedoms of Bible-believing Christians and Jews.

It’s a very short step from “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights” to “[Fill in the blank] doesn’t have constitutional rights.

Watch a video clip of the Clinton interview:

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  1. The usurpation of our constitutional rights began long before now.

    Nowhere in that document or the Bill of Rights is the word “discrimination” ever mentioned, yet Freedom of Religion has been usurped by charges of discrimination against gays.

    Although unmentioned in the Constitution (since everyone always assumed it was commen sense), is the right for every individual to his or her opinions, and the right to act on those opinions so long as there’s no overt harm to others (e.g. loss of life or limb). Yet in 1964 our nation said every small business owner must serve blacks and whites equally. In other words, “We now control your business.”

    “… the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” unless you’re a PTSD vet, a felon, can’t pass the labyrinthine background checks, etc.

    The Federal Government can only constitutionally own that sliver in Maryland on which it operates. Nothing else.

    The Federal Government has no right to income taxation, even with the 16th Amendment.

    The Federal Government has no right to force us to buy anything, e.g. a new car or a refrigerator. Or health insurance.

    They control our light bulbs, they control our toilet flow, they control our money, they control every aspect of our lives.

    And none of this is in the Constitution.

    I personally favor creating The 1910 Party. Everything passed since 1910 is nullified.

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