Saying NO to Trump

2016 Trump platform

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Gallup asked women about Trump: 23% Favorable vs 70% Unfavorable.

A former Trump campaign strategist explains why she quit working for him.

Some of Trump’s biggest promoters suddenly seem far less enthusiastic about his candidacy.

Matt Walsh writes why pro-lifers should not support Trump.

Catholic Vote writes why Catholics should not support Trump.

Trump: Obama in white face.


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11 responses to “Saying NO to Trump

  1. So Chrissy, who’s your candidate?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’ve given this a lot of thought in the last 24 hours.

      I take voting very seriously. I traveled behind the Iron Curtain twice before the U.S.S.R. folded. After the first trip, my mom started going to Mass every July 4th to thank God our ancestors moved here.

      My brother very nearly died in Vietnam and I’ve sent my kids to war. So not voting is not an option for me.

      Democrats are out of the question and have been since the party went all in for slaughtering unborn babies.

      I realize I can’t ever get an ideal Republican candidate and I’m not stupid enough to forfeit my vote just because I don’t lurve the GOP nominee.

      But I truly believe Trump is Obama in white face … a lying, flip-flopping, narcissistic, divisive, pro-abortion celebrity whore. So I cannot, in good conscience, vote for him.

      I’ve decided if the GOP nominates Trump, I’ll write in Ted Cruz.


  2. Cruz. Fair enough. Do you think he still has any path to the nomination? Otherwise, writing in Ted Cruz, other than the warm-‘n-fuzzies, elects Hillary.

    Not challenging here, Ted would be fine with me, but I think moral rectitude in this election leaves us with a Communism from which there will be no going back. The demographics have already ensured our doom if we don’t turn it around here and now.

    Who can win the primary? And who’s our best shot in the general?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’m a dunce about political campaign stuff, so I haven’t got the foggiest.

      I am bristling at the characterization of my prayerful decision as “warm n fuzzy.” I’ve held my nose often enough in the past, but Trump is a bridge too far for my conscience. I thought I made that clear with my previous comment.


      • Sorry, meant no disrespect.

        Every site is on edge these days. I’ve been banned at two (and-a-half) places, and I don’t consider myself particularly incendiary.

        Honest disagreement is no longer possible, so believe me when I say I no longer try (at least not intentionally). You’re for Cruz, great. I hope he wins, I’d be delighted with a Cruz presidency.

        Mr. Farah at WND expresses my opinion on this whole imbroglio much better than I ever could at

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      • Chrissy, there has been nothing but bristling going on lately, and I pray that you can set it aside, eventually. Jane makes a good point. We must not forget who the real enemy is. I get your distain for Trump. I really do. But if you really think he is a bigger enemy than Hillary & Bernie, you better be right. I have made the decision to support him if he gets the nomination rather than have the commies win. Have you really decided, prayerfully, to do the opposite?

        This whole fight has split blogs and news organizations everywhere in the conservative universe. I have lost more friends in the last 2 months than I ever lost during previous blog meltdowns. It seems shocking and pointless to me that we are at each other’s throats over this one chance we have left, but the Devil always makes it so when things are really important. I pray that we can avoid, at least, the anger.

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  3. Pistol Pete

    GOP Elites Are Waiting on Sidelines to Push Paul Ryan as Nominee – Just Using Ted Cruz to Stop Donald Trump

    Just as Paul Ryan’s ascension to House Speaker represented a total repudiation of the GOP electorate by GOP lawmakers, Ryan’s selection as the Party’s nominee would similarly represent the donor class’s silencing of voters and voters’ views on immigration, trade, and foreign policy that have transformed the country and its role in the world.

    Maria Bartiromo spoke with Sean Spicer the chief strategist on the Republican National Committee on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

    Bartiromo reported that over 100 Republican delegates are reported to break from Donald Trump on a second ballot despite the fact that he won the most states.

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  4. We may have gone too far for reconciliation to be possible, but how’s this for a battle of titans in the general election: Hillary/Bernie vs Trump/Cruz? No more contested conventions on either side, and a stark difference in the visions for America. My link to WND above discusses this in greater detail.

    The mind reels at the enthusiasm from both sides, and we could experience the highest voter turnout in history.

    Sadly, as I say, there may simply be too much accumulated acrimony at this point for such healing, and both sides could conceivably spin off third-party candidates in its absence. We’d be similar to Europe with a bunch of factional parties.

    In either case, as the Chinese curse says, “May you live in interesting times.”

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