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Finally Friday

Apparently there was a debate last night. It’s all over the political websites this morning. Unfortunately (or not) I had more important things to watch last night. Like movies on the couch with my beloved child bride. It appears Rubio and Cruz were seen conspiring to gang up on The Donald and to some degree it worked. Trump was confronted time and again about his ever-changing opinions on just about everything. The problem is that at this stage of the campaign it’s probably too late to stop him. It is assured if both stay in the race until the convention they’ll split the opposition to Trump.

I have never made it a secret that I don’t trust Trump. From the polls I’ve seen I am simpatico with 60% of republican voters. You just can’t completely trust someone who was a democrat until his alleged “come to Jesus” moment about 18 months ago. Most of us remember the popularity of ‘spoilers’ like John B. Anderson (my former congresscritter) and that hand grenade with a bad haircut, Ross Perot, who sounded good until you realized he verbalized what people were feeling but offered no solutions. The Trumpster talks a good game but has almost no chance of ever getting anything done. How is he going to build a coalition on the hill without making deals with the entrenched democrats AND the republicans?

There is always deal-making, jockeying for plum positions, and there is now talk of a brokered convention. I will vote for Trump if he is the party’s nominee, since the alternative is unthinkable. The trouble is there are a lot of voters on our side who are willing to “send a message” to the GOP elites at the cost of a third Obama term in the form of a ruthless, cold-hearted, soulless bitch whose greed knows no limits.

WATCH: Highlights From The Houston GOP Debate
Check out some of the most compelling moments from the Houston #GOPDebate:



Trumpageddon: Cruz and Rubio Unveil Plan to Mock and Dismantle Frontrunner

Over the course of the last 48 hours, the Rubio campaign pulled one of the great head-fakes in recent political history by telegraphing that they weren’t at all interested in attacking Donald Trump at tonight’s debate. Technically, this wasn’t a ruse because Rubio didn’t just attack Trump. He went after him with a chainsaw. And Ted Cruz brought a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.


If the normal laws of politics applied to the 2016 race, it would have been a catastrophic night for Trump. By any reasonable measure, Trump had a meltdown. He was exposed as a policy lightweight on a host of issues.

But will it hurt him? Probably not by itself. But if tonight’s debate is the beginning of a sustained counterattack against Trump—by Cruz and Rubio themselves on the stump, by their campaigns on the air, and by reluctant donors who now see that there’s a blueprint for dismantling the orange menace—then it could mark the beginning of the end for Trump.




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