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Monday Catch-Up

OK, so over the weekend, what happened? The nation mourned the passing of a great Justice while the leader of the free world couldn’t be bothered with such trifling. He spent all of about 37 seconds by the casket then skipped off, visions of the constitution in flames dancing in his head. Karma: the prick sneaked out for a round of golf and it rained.

In South Carolina Trump won big, even with people of faith who are hoping, at best, that he will at least do nothing to hurt them, as the current occupant of The Peoples House does. Jeb! finally gave up and his big money backers are flocking to Rubio. Cruz has been my personal choice since Gov. Walker dropped out. At least you know what you’re getting with him, and to a lesser extent, Rubio Mcamnesty. With Trump, my greatest fear is if he secures the nomination he will go completely off the rails and start spouting gibberish and at worst, revert to his former liberal self.

Cankles pulled out a victory in the Nevada caucuses, as The Toad ordered the casino unions to all show up to support the bloody bitch. She won every caucus held in a gambling venue. I recall vividly this is how he won his last election even though he was and still is the most reviled man in the state. He won Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, and lost every other county in the state. He was 4 points down the day before the election to Sharron Angle, the weakest candidate they could get for him, and won by 6, with help from the SEIU, who was “maintaining” the voting machines in that county. He flat out stole his position, as he’s done his entire career.

This week the venues switch, with the GOP going to Nevada and the dems schlepping to South Carolina. I pray The Bitch doesn’t break into her homegirl routine. I’m running short of dramamine. Poor Bernie will try to convince the natives a 73-year-old communist is ‘down with the struggle.’ The fact people fall for this charade is more than a little depressing. I’ve stayed away from the conflict between Cruz and Rubio as they try to destroy each other and ultimately hand the nomination to The Donald, master showman and snake oil salesman.


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