Unreasonable Facsimile Chrissy-Substitute Fermentation Post

0% genuine Chrissy added, but almost 10% as good as the original!


Here at the Grunt Ranch, we occasionally do some culinary research for the purposes of healthier eating and drinking.  So, with Chrissy out of commission for a while, we decided to experiment with some pro-biotic food!  We found out some pretty strange things.  For example, did you know that you can ferment cash?  It’s true.  The money in your piggy bank has so many microbes on it, that you can put it in salt water, set it on the shelf, and turn it into a potentially tasty broth.  Then, you can rinse it off and spend the money!  We’re still waiting for someone to taste it first so we can write a review.  Stand by for that.  It may be a while…


In the mean time, here are some other ideas and funnies.  I shamelessly ripped the first one off of Bob’s site!  Thanks, Bluebird!




'Have you been eating fermented birdseed again?'




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2 responses to “Unreasonable Facsimile Chrissy-Substitute Fermentation Post

  1. Every morning I take my outrage over the escalating usurpation of our once mighty nation, and I bottle it in a Mason jar. In the evening when I look in on my jar, I discover it’s fermented into full-blown revolution: bacteria carrying tiny little muskets, teensy tattered flags rising over disputed lands, the faint defiant wail of unicellular fungi striving to live free and prosper. And it gives me hope for the bigger picture of our struggling Republic.

    Today’s outrage du jour: does your state force you to contribute to ONLY Democrat candidates? No? Think again: “under the Fourteenth Amendment all persons are guaranteed equal protection under state laws. No state can pass a law, for example, which clearly specifies that the minimum wage for a man must be four dollars an hour more than the minimum wage paid to a woman.

    No one would defend such a law because it clearly classifies persons into two groups. But this is exactly what state constitutions do with regard to pension contracts. These clauses clearly state that only government workers’ contracts are binding contractual agreements that cannot be diminished or impaired.

    One way to understand the principle involved is to understand it as specifying a group. What if these clauses of state constitutions said that only contractual agreements entered into with men cannot be diminished or impaired. Or white residents of the state. This would be considered so outrageous that states would never contemplate even proposing such a clause in their state constitutions.

    But these clauses clearly do specify only one type of contract to be protected; only those contracts made with one group of people, government employees. Those who do not have government contracts are not protected.” http://goo.gl/rmUjep

    Read the whole thing (even the comments are great) over at American Thinker to learn how taxes are being raised all over the nation solely to fund government pensions, and how “the Democrat Party has slowly transformed the U.S. into an oligarchy where all persons are forced to support only their party.”

    … aka Fomenting a Fermenting Revolution.


    • Whoa! Nice segue there! And excellent link. I feel like I’m back in Lafayette at the Ground Round and you’re introducing a J. Giles song by talking about how love slowly marinates and ferments sometimes into a smelly, bottom of the gym locker kind of thang. 😉