It’s Cruz; Hill/Bern!

Rather than clutter this post with dozens of articles I thought it better to simply rehash the results with a few thoughts interjected, then expand in the reply section. Here’s a few things we know:

O’Malley and the Huckster suspended their campaigns last night… nobody noticed.

Cankles beat The Bern by .2 %. There were 6 precincts where the delegate count was a tie, and the winner was determined by a coin flip. She defied 1 in 64 odds and won all 6 flips. I think Bent Penis supplied the coin.

Trump learned something about having an effective ground game. Cruz beat him by getting the evangelicals out.

The GOP Elite have a new banner carrier…Marco Rubio, Gang of Eight extraordinaire, who came from nowhere to finish third, narrowly behind The Donald.

Klintoon was effusive in her thanking Iowans for her narrow victory, acting like it was a landslide. She had every major democrat bigshot in her pocket and was almost bested by a septugenarian socialist with an army of millennials who have no clue how things work in the real world.

The last two winners of the Republican caucuses were Rick Santorum and Huckabee….for what it’s worth.




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  1. Pistol Pete

    Hillary’s Iowa Non-Victory Speech: ‘I Am a Progressive Who Gets Things Done’

    She was supposed to be giving a victory speech on Monday night, not tap-dancing around the fact that a weird old radical she was beating by over 50 points last year in Iowa just fought her to a draw. She’s still trying to co-opt Sanders’ appeal to the “revolutionary” Left, loudly declaring herself a “progressive who gets things done for people.”


  2. Pistol Pete

    Trump puts brave face on defeat as he congratulates Ted Cruz, says he WILL win New Hampshire – and claims he loves Iowa so much ‘I might come here and buy a farm!’



  3. Pistol Pete

    FOX News Elites Hope Media Won’t Cover Donald Trump Now That He Got Second In Iowa

    FOX News elites including Stephen Hayes, Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume dissed Donald Trump Monday after placing second in Iowa.
    Of course, Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate who regularly gets tens of thousands of supporters to fill arenas across the country.
    But the GOP elites don’t care.

    They want him gone.


  4. Pistol Pete

    How Ted Cruz outsmarted Trump in Iowa
    There is a simple reason why Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses Monday night. He is a master strategist — and he always has been.

    Still, while Cruz performed well enough to win Iowa, his rival Marco Rubio may have gained the upper hand in the contest to consolidate supporters by finishing closer to second place than anyone expected, with 23 percent of the vote.


  5. Pistol Pete

    After Iowa, keep your eye on Marco Rubio, not Trump or Cruz

    He came into the Iowa caucus with 16 percent of the vote and he managed to pull in a remarkable 23 percent — just one point shy of Trump. He did this while being the subject of relentless attack ads by Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz supported Super PACs, the most scarring – or meant to be the most scarring – of which painted him as the Republican Barack Obama.

    Video: Rubio gives the most triumphant third-place speech ever
    Oh well. There’s no problem here that another $40 million in Jeb Bush Super PAC attack ads about “amnesty” can’t solve!


  6. Pistol Pete

    Hillary Clinton won six back-to-back coin tosses against Bernie Sanders in tight Iowa precincts despite miraculous 1-in-64 odds

    The 1-in-64 odds of Clinton successfully winning six coin flips across Polk, Jasper, Cedar and Johnson counties during a deadlocked Iowa caucus prompted critics of the former Secretary of State drew rumbles on social media, where some questioned the logic of deciding the country’s next president with a game of chance.


  7. Pistol Pete

    Awful Campaigner Hillary Clinton Effectively Tied with 74-Year-Old Socialist Curmudgeon in Iowa

    And that brings me to Hillary Clinton as a candidate: she’s so weak that she can’t beat an elderly socialist who can’t speak English, and who looks like he sleeps in his car. That’s how bad she is. Watching her “victory speech,” I was struck by how angry she looked. She was shrill, she was aggressive, and she went on and on about all kinds of perceived injustices in the country even though Democrats have occupied the White House since January 2009. Listening to her, you’d swear that George W. Bush was still in office, not Barack Obama, a guy she professes to love and admire.


  8. Pistol Pete



  9. Okay, every election someone’s gotta use the F-word, so I guess I’ll step up to the plate: Fraud.

    Looking at the final polls posted here at Polination, nowhere does Rubio score higher than 12%, yet he doubled that in the final results. I understand Microsoft and Bill Gates are backing Rubio; also that Microsoft developed an app for tallying the votes …?

    Who knows? What can be proven by reviewing such a ridiculous system as the caucuses? If this were Jamestown 1694 I could understand, but Mama Mia, we’re still using caucuses to help determine the Leader of the Free World?

    One poll can get it wrong; two, three maybe, but not EVERY SINGLE POLL over the past 30 days.

    People have largely forgotten, but in 2012 Romney was filling arenas and Obama was filling cafeterias. There was a lot of enthusiasm for Romney, and Obama’s demeanor in the final two weeks reflected a growing acknowledgement that his re-election hopes were fading. But then, whaddaya know, a miracle happened … people rose from the dead in Pennsylvania, Chicago, Florida, and put Bill Ayers’ buddy over the top.

    As if by magic. The same magic, perhaps, now at Rubio’s beck and call?

    Again, who knows? I don’t mean to be a disgruntled Diogenes, but would everyone who still believes we have honest elections in this country please raise your hand? We might as well just toss a coin 😉