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The Hawkeye Cauc-eye

Let the games begin. The horses (and whores) are at the starting gate and the flag is about to drop. According to which poll (if any) you choose to believe, Trump is: way ahead/running neck and neck with Cruz/Rubio is surging. Hillary is: pulling away from Sanders/trailing Sanders/in a dead heat with Sanders. The Bern is whining that Cankles is packing the caucuses with shills from out of state,the same way the community organizer cornholed her in 2008.

Tomorrow every political pundit will pen a tome about the who and why of this earth-moving event which in the final analysis will make absolutely no difference. If I can pull myself up to my desk tomorrow I plan to try to come up with something moderately coherent for a change. No promises.

WATCH: How a Caucus Works, Explained with Lego
Ever wondered how U.S. political parties really choose their candidates? It seems complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. Here, we break down how the Iowa caucus works — in Lego

BREAKING: Final Iowa Poll Shows Donald Trump Moving to Five-point Lead over Ted Cruz; Eight Point Swing Since Previous Early Jan. Poll – 1/30/16

The Des Moines Register/Bloomberg just released their final Iowa Poll ahead of Monday’s Iowa Caucuses, and it finds Donald Trump moving out to a 5-point lead over Ted Cruz 28%-23%, with Marco Rubio in third at 15%.
This is an 8-point swing for Trump since the last Iowa Poll when Cruz led by 3-points. Pollster Ann Selzer said their polling showed no real impact after Thursday night’s GOP Debate that Donald Trump walked away from.

Trump now leads in our average of Iowa Polls by +6.2 points.

Gallup: Trump Has Highest Unfavorable Rating of Any Candidate EVER

Newsmax reported:
Donald Trump has the highest unfavorable rating since Gallup began tracking the indicator for nominated candidates from either political party during the 1992 elections. Just two days before the Iowa caucuses, 60 percent of Americans surveyed view Trump unfavorably, versus 33 percent who see him favorably.

By comparison, Democrat Hillary Clinton’s rating is 52 percent, while Jeb Bush’s is 45 percent.

Chris Christie’s is at 38 percent, while Ted Cruz’s is 37 percent, Marco Rubio 33 percent, fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders holds 31 percent, while and Ben Carson’s rating is 30 percent.

“The bottom line is that Trump now has a higher unfavorable rating than any candidate at any time during all of these previous election cycles,” said Frank Newport, Gallup’s editor-in-chief.

IA Governor Branstad: Hillary is VINDICTIVE – She Won’t Forget If She GETS STUNG TWICE
Tucker Carlson: Let’s say Hillary loses tonight. It’s the second time she loses and becomes president. Are you concerned?

Governor Branstad: Oh, she’s vindictive… Oh, she is vindictive. And, you know what she said after she lost here eight years ago? My concern is, if she gets beat here and then becomes president, I think we got a really big problem… I think she’d see to it that Iowa was not first… If this state stung her twice she’s pretty vindictive and I don’t think she would forget what happened.

Uh, Governor,we get it… she’s vindictive.


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