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I was impressed by what Fiorina and Santorum had to say

2016_01 28 GOP debate pic

Jan 28, 2016: Excerpt from GOP Presidential Debate in Iowa


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Worker of Mercy

2016_01 26 Principal dies saving kids from bus

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The Saturday Drive-By

Since nobody’s around on the weekend anyway. There was a pathetic display of how gullible the MSM thinks the people are last Tuesday when the democrats held what they laughingly referred to as a “townhall” where the questions were pre-written, the actors were given the script, and the ‘questioners’ were shills, chosen to ask candidates questions they were prepared to answer. No surprises allowed.

Thursday it was the Trump vs. the anti-Trump Show. Fox drew 12 million viewers, the ratings were second only to the initial debate that shattered all records for a cable news show. I didn’t post anything because there were as many opinions about the whole mess as there are blades of grass on a Kansas prairie. That analogy is the result of my watching a 1958 episode of Wagon Train at the time of writing this.

I’m a little weary of reading about how Hillary is in serious trouble, about to be indicted, much hand wringing over can she survive? Darrel Issa has said he wants to charge both Cankles and Hummus Weiner with felonies. Let me state for the umpteenth time, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO HER. We know it,she knows it. The FBI can present a mountain of damning evidence and if the super-corrupt Obama DOJ refuses to convene a grand jury it will all come to nothing. I have had maybe two cocktails in the last 25 years but if the bitch DID get indicted I would consider getting falling down drunk. I’m posting a video in the comments about how her Heinous said she’d consider appointing Dear Reader to the Supreme Court. Maybe that’s the price he’s demanding to cover her cellulite-covered backside.

Democrats cover for each other. It’s how they survive. You never see any of them break ranks if it really counts. That’s the rules they play by and that’s how they survive when they should all be in a penitentiary. They also have a good number of alleged republicans at their beck and call. You know the names.

My wife’s 96 year old dad is not doing well after he had a broken hip replaced, my grandson is fighting a battle no seven year old should have to, and after one successful cataract surgery I’m having the other eye done in two weeks. There are things far more important in life than politics.









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Hillary emails too sensitive

2016_01 29a Hillary emails too sensitive

Anyone else would already be in prison for this.



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