2016_01 28 Trump tweets
A Saudi prince owns a minority share of Twenty-First Century Fox, the parent corporation of Fox News, via an investment firm.  MEGYN Kelly never posed for a photo with him.


UPDATE: After Bob Vander Plaats publicly endorsed Ted Cruz, Donald Trump issued multiple tweets calling him a “phony” and a “bad guy.”  This is the same kind of vindictive, narcissistic behavior we have seen and despised in Barack Obama.



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4 responses to “Trumpery

  1. Good points. I’ve been supporting Ted Cruz for years, and I can’t seem to get Donald Trump to call me a “bad guy” or “low class.” What am I doing wrong??? o_O


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Maybe if you make a lot of noise when the primary in your state is coming up, Trump will grace you with a rude tweet. 🙂


  2. I wonder if Trump will apologize for twitting a mistake as Glenn Beck did, or will just let the falsehood stand. I’m betting the latter, because Trump seems not to have a “reverse” gear.


  3. I don’t know how twitter works — I’ve never tweeted in my life, and God willing, never will. But I just looked at Trump’s twitter page, and it appears he goes off the rails when he retweets stuff, a la that Photoshopped pic above.

    It’s like when Pete posted that fake Trump quote last week, sometimes people get snookered into disseminating false Internet memes because it fits an ideological predisposition. Which in no way excuses an overzealous retweet of a phony Megyn Kelly pic — maybe confirm its accuracy before distribution.

    Trump’s own original tweets are considerably less incendiary than the stuff he’s sent by others, based on his Twitter page.

    If one Googles “donald trump tweets” the Google images are at least 50% phony. On the Internet everyone’s Picasso, or at least anyone with Chrissy’s skill set. Duplicity abounds.

    Regarding apologizing for tweeting a mistake — nah, Trump’s already moved several miles down the road. I don’t think the man’s capable of apologizing. But I also saw a tweet from Cruz that Trump tore down an old lady’s house to build a parking lot, and included pictures of the bulldozer … even though (according to Donald) the lady’s house is still standing. Hmm-mm…

    I have two non-negotiable points in this election: (1) no more illegal immigration, refugees, or Islam apologetics; and (2) no more Goldman Sachs government (see “All Wars are Bankers Wars,” the most enlightening lesson on American History you’ll ever encounter). I’ll vote for whichever candidate most effectively addresses these two concerns, regardless of whom they slept with in 1997.