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2016_01 25 Snow day in DC by HopenChange

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Blood for Money

2012_12 filthy abortion clinic closed

In 2013, Virginia passed a law requiring abortion facilities to be inspected like any other ambulatory surgical center. Not a single Virginia abortion center passed inspection.

  • Many didn’t meet basic health standards and used expired drugs. Nine of the facilities inspected racked up an astonishing 80 violations among them.
  • One had unbagged blood and baby parts frozen to the bottom of their freezer.
  • Another facility bragged about performing abortions after a hurricane, while there was two inches of stagnant water in the surgical room and mold was growing throughout the facility.

I don’t wonder that these abortionists fought the inspection law tooth and nail; what else could we expect from men and women who make big bucks slaughtering innocent children?

I don’t even wonder why the Virginia State Board of Health — knowing of the gross violations that had already been discovered — overturned the new legislation in 2014.

It’s spelled $$$$$$$$$$.

Joyce Vasikonis, a former nurse at Planned Parenthood of Delaware, says there was only one motivation at Planned Parenthood: MONEY. “There was one administrator that came to me at the end of every abortion day. And it wasn’t, ‘How did the day go? Anything we need to talk about?’ – nothing like that,” she recalled. “It was, ‘How much money did we make?’

If feminists and pro-choicers really cared about women having access to SAFE abortions, they would be screaming to get every abortion facility in the country inspected regularly.


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