Trumpalin vs. Cruz

Some commentators seem to think Palin will bring her Conservative followers into the Trump camp. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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Pam Geller notes two red flags she has seen in Palin’s past behavior that indicated she is not the ballsy, principled conservative leader we thought she was. I.e., when she quit the Governorship of Alaska and when she promised, but never delivered, a written statement of support for 911 family survivors to read at a Ground Zero mosque protest.

Sarah Rumpf lists specific instances in which Trump and Palin have been on opposite sides in the past. I.e., abortion, private property rights, courtesy towards the disabled, politicians who flip flop, marriage, and putting the rights of the little guy ahead of government and business thugs. Since Trump is shooting for top of the ticket, one must conclude that Palin has decided to sacrifice principle for whatever it is The Donald has promised her.

Doug Ross provides this handy graphic comparison. At, you can click on each policy or issue to read the back story.

Trump vs Cruz



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2 responses to “Trumpalin vs. Cruz

  1. I saw that Doug Ross graph. I love that site, it’s another of my daily visits, but he makes no secret of being a strong Cruz supporter. Thus, it’s not surprising that Doug left off a few key items from that chart, e.g. (a) Cruz’ support for a 500% increase in H1B visas, in order to (b) favor his Wall Street supporters, including (c) his wife, a hoity-toity at Goldman Sachs, which (d) gave them a million dollar loan that he forgot about.

    I’d vote for Cruz, but would be under no misconceptions the era of our Goldman Sachs government would be behind us.

    P.S. (e) TPP, and (f) no significant accomplishments in two years as a Senator. I’m sure Sundance has (h) through (w) all queued up somewhere.

    We’ve reached that time in the primaries where every site is now picking sides, and it behooves us all to visit an array of opposing viewpoints to ameliorate the demagoguery. I personally could live with Trump, Cruz or Christie, but none of the others.

    Interesting times.


  2. Wow, snazzy “W.” And this without a single calligraphy class. 😉