I am so done with that woman

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I’m sorry if any of you like Donald Trump.  I think he’s a narcissist whose only moral compass is the one that points at Donald Trump.  We’ve had eight devastating years of this kind of “leadership.”  How an allegedly devout Christian and pro-lifer like Sarah Palin could SUPPORT his candidacy just boggles my mind.

Palin claims Trump will support life.  Yeah, right.  Just like Obama promised to rein in government spending and lower the debt?  ::pblt:: 


I get the anger so many of us feel and how much of a relief it is to hear The Donald rail against the evils the Left has inflicted on our once great nation.  But look past that to the man behind the message.  He’s even more abrasive, more self-serving, and less qualified than Barack Obama ever was.

Now, to add injury to insult, she’s playing the victim card on behalf of her son.  I’ve got PTSD.  I know people who have it, including soldiers.  We don’t blame our bad behaviors on it, even when those behaviors are demonstrably connected to the trauma.  And why not?  Because we’re grown-ups who take responsibility.  We pull up our socks and do what needs doing to get better.

As for her blaming Track’s problems on Obama’s treatment of vets … puh-leeze. That excuse might fly with some messed up vet who has nobody and nothing.  But Track Palin has a big, wealthy, supportive family.  Sarah playing Mama of De Nile does not change the fact that Track has only Track to blame for his behavior.


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  1. I hate to say it, but I agree with you. Sarah Palin is dead to me. I’ve gotten weird vibes from what little I’ve seen of her over the past several years, but this really, really turned me off. I don’t know what’s going on with her family (though Bristol, for all her public trials, seems to be making an honest effort to better herself), but something has gone horribly wrong up there. . .

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  2. [Trump is] even more abrasive, more self-serving, and less qualified than Barack Obama ever was.

    I’d quibble with part of that: How do you get less qualified than “not at all”? Der Donald might actually have some qualifications as an administrator – whether that means he’d do anything right or not being another matter.

    Palin Jumps the Shark by Pam Geller: “Cruz stood with us after we were attacked by jihadis in Garland, Texas. Trump attacked us. Does Palin support that?”

    Just noticed that Geller also links to a very interesting Trump vs. Cruz comparison chart by Doug Ross.