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Kyle Smith writes in the NY Post:

The movie is a study in the difference between thinkers and doers.

A lady spy with a French accent who works in Benghazi tells one of the security contractors (ex-military men), “I know what I’m doing” because it’s her second tour in a war zone. A contractor replies laconically, “It’s my 12th.”

Nerds may be adequate leaders when everything is going smoothly. But when there are jihadis gathering with rocket launchers outside the gate, send for a jock.

Lars Larson writes on Facebook:

It’s impressive that a movie released in January even includes a direct quoted reference to the Pentagon email by Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash, only released last month, that there were military assets “spinning up” and ready to go… but BHO and SOS Clinton never gave the go ahead.

The movie makes you proud to be an American and it makes me more determined to never let power like that ever rest again in the hands of such feckless losers. It’s well worth seeing and if you care about your country, take as many Democrat Party voters with you as you can.


January 17, 2016: ‘13 Hours’ captures how Americans really feel about our global standing By Kyle Smith

January 17, 2016: Lars Larson on Facebook

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