Pizza Wars

One of the unpleasant side-effects of the ridiculous stink about Ted Cruz’ “New York values” comment has been the dredging up of the old fight about whose pizza is better, New York or Chicago or <fill in home town>.


But the best part about it was hearing Dana Perino shut everybody down on the Fox show, The Five, today, when she made it clear that the only good pizza in the whole country is the mountain pizza found in Colorado, originally just in Idaho Springs, where it is still enjoyed by grateful skiers and locals alike on the main route between Denver and the Summit County ski areas.  It’s called Beau Jo’s Pizza.  Ms. Perino would know, because she is from Parker, Colorado, that place where my butt is parked at this very moment.  And she’s absolutely right.

Besides, judging from how thin-skinned New Yorkers are about the deal, and how quick idiots like Geraldo are to call racism over it, and also how basically nothing good can possibly come from Rahm Emanual’s town, just about anybody’s home town can claim bragging rights on this one.  But here, Dana gets my vote.


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2 responses to “Pizza Wars

  1. Apologies to Pete and Chrissy on this one. You being Chicagoans and New Yorkers, respectively. But you both live far enough from the lunacy of Downtown, I’m sure your towns make awesome pizza, and they’d be local, anyway, right? 😉


    • chrissythehyphenated

      My home town’s claim to fame is international cuisine. Being the Home of Cornell University, it boasts an almost unbelievable variety of foreign restaurants, plus access to many exotic foods for home cooking.

      Ithaca is also reputed to be the home of the ice cream sundae, but Two Rivers, Wisconsin, claims they got there first, thus curing me forever of caring one way or the other about home town bragging rights.

      But pizza? Meh. IMHO, it’s got more to do with the particular restaurant. Sometimes one place will have wonderful pizza, then change something and we stop buying it there. It’s not a big issue for us, since we can’t eat it often. We don’t tolerate gluten and GF pizza is heinous.