Movie Recommendations

The real people behind these stories were involved in the making of each movie and are interviewed in the Special Features.  I recommend both the movies and the specials.

These are faith-based movies that made every effort to depict trauma and violence in ways that were not exploitative.  But the situations were horrifying, so use caution before allowing your youngsters to view either.

I have read 90 Minutes in Heaven and can recommend it; I have not read Unlikely Angel, so can’t say one way or the other.

MOVIE 90 minutes in heaven
MOVIE Captive


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2 responses to “Movie Recommendations

  1. Let’s talk for a moment about movies. I watch A LOT of movies on my 65″ 7.1 flat screen (3-4/week), and write little reviews about each one to help me remember. In doing this I’ve come to realize there are CONSERVATIVE movies and there are PROGRESSIVE movies — here’s how to tell the difference:

    1) Progressive (hereinafter referred to as Kool Kid Kommie Klub) movies are always based on liberal nihilism. Everyone’s tortured, angst-driven and unhappy. Prime example: “The Skeleton Twins” or “The Way Way Back.” Conservative movies have happy characters, e.g. “The Lego Movie.” Even “We’re the Millers,” which had COPIOUS use of the f-word and characters in conflict, nevertheless had a fundamentally positive vibe underlying every scene.

    2) KKKK movies have no beginning or middle or cohesive storyline, and the movie ends when the camera runs out of film, e.g. “Boyhood” or “Birdman.” Conservative movies may not have a happy ending (e.g. “Glory”) but at least they have one. KKKK movies are character-driven; conservative movies are plot-driven.

    3) KKKK movies LOVE to make fun of slack-jawed rednecks every chance they get: “Boyhood” has a rube with a Confederate flag telling some kid he could shoot him for being in his yard, right before a scene where a young mother dreamily recites how much she’s in love with Obama. And don’t even get me started on “Nebraska,” which is possibly the most insulting dump on flyover folks ever committed to celluloid. (Notice that all these KKKK films are the ones annually nominated for Best Picture…?)

    4) Any movie about black folks (“Selma,” “Ray,” “The Butler,” “12 Years A Slave,” “Amistad,” “Django Unchained” and about 700 others going all the way back to “Roots”) will always be a KKKK movie. White people are horrible. White people have always been horrible, and white people will always be horrible. Black people are heroic and courageous. And any movie with Oprah is gonna be racist.

    Some of my sample grades as a conservative reviewer from just the past couple of weeks: Spiderman 3 (C), Midnight Run (A), Monument Men (C), American Sniper (B), Easy Rider (F), Birdman (D), The Exorcist (A), Goldeneye (B), and on and on over 500+ films. Someday I gotta publish these somewhere, since literally every reviewer on the planet is a 35-year-old white Obama voter. Lotsa diversity there.