The Lying Liars Promoting Gun Control

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In a typical Leftist ploy, Obama demonized 2d Amendment warriors as too mentally and morally deficient to be permitted a say in gun policy.  Meanwhile, he justified his illegal gun grabbing Executive Order with statements that are objectively untrue.

In an article at The Daily Signal, Sen. Chuck Grassley debunks Ten Untrue Leftist Gun Myths.

  1. Firearm purchases at gun shows do not require a background check due to the “gun show loophole.”  WRONG.
  2. Gun shows lack any law enforcement presence and are a free-for-all for felons and other prohibited individuals to obtain firearms. WRONG.
  3. Individuals who purchase firearms on the Internet are not subject to background checks. WRONG.
  4. The president’s Jan. 5 executive action on gun control represents landmark change regarding gun control. WRONG.
  5. The Obama administration has made firearms enforcement a priority. WRONG.
  6. Mental health has nothing to do with gun control. WRONG.
  7. Obama’s executive action on gun control will thwart criminals’ ability to obtain firearms. WRONG.
  8. There is a general consensus in America that greater gun control is needed to prevent mass shootings in the United States. WRONG.
  9. The terrorist “no-fly” list is a proper mechanism to bar Americans from purchasing firearms. WRONG.
  10. Gun retailers need to step up and refuse to sell semi-automatic weapons. WRONG.

Sen. Grassley explains why these are untrue:
10 Myths About Guns

This “Louder With Crowder” is Worth Watching!

Obama’s Gun Control Town Hall Lies | Louder With Crowder [18:38]

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  1. Sigh… if only I’d had the brains to invest all my money in Smith & Wesson back in 2008 when Obozo was elected…

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