Faux White Grape Juice

My daughter wants her family to enjoy the health benefits of kombucha, but she dislikes fizzy drinks and her husband dislikes kombucha. They are also stretched pretty thin these days with dual careers and a toddler and an infant, so I began experimenting.

To make the brewing extra easy, I decided to make small batches in quart canning jars that would need no decanting or pshting. For the second ferment, I used an airlock, so the kombucha would not get fizzy. Reusing the cloth lid might also work, but I haven’t tried that.

After the second ferment, I strained the brew in the photo into a GT’s bottle to refrigerate it. It could also stay in the quart jar or, if you wanted to be extra tricky with your “kombucha yuck!” family, decant it into a juice bottle and don’t tell them it’s kombucha. 🙂

KOMBUCHA faux grape juice

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