Because drunks make good Democrats

2D AMENDMENT drunk vs gun

I saw this on Facebook via Cold Dead Hands:

I’m not trying to say that Obama and the rest of the gun-control crowd are hypocrites who pick and choose at what death’s bother them and which don’t, I….oh, wait, yes, I am saying that.

If you’re wondering why I’m harping on alcohol, it’s not as a teetotaling temperance adherent, it’s because it’s so easy to call out the lies and inconsistencies we see from the President using this as an example.

When we INSTANTLY see him resorting to “we need gun control” speeches before we know any of the relevant details after a killing, and when the facts (background check passed, gun-control zone in place) show that none of their “reasonable” and “common sense” gun laws mean anything, I want to compare it to something like this.

With so many dying from this particular cause like impaired driving each night, he could just as easily stand up and say the things he does about guns. But he doesn’t, does he? He apparently only cares about people who die from an instrument that he can stigmatize in a manner that will take away the rights of his political opponents. Cherry pick much?

If he didn’t, he’d be saying, “If we can save just one life by restricting how alcohol is sold, it’s worth it!” “No one needs 100 proof liquor!” “We see this too often.” “We need to do something.”

-Metal Law

A commenter remarked, “Drunks make good Democrat voters; armed citizens do not.”  Uhhhh …. yeah!

GALLUP: American liberals are more likely to drink than American conservatives.


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2 responses to “Because drunks make good Democrats

  1. The older demographic around these parts may recall a time some 15-20 years ago when everyone was sporting AIDS ribbons, at all the Hollywood awards shows and other similar high-profile events. I oftened wondered about that, since even at the time AIDS was way down on the list of leading causes of death. Why no ribbons for cardiac disease (#1) or various cancers (#2)? Even then I realized some diseases were more politically useful than others.

    And why did Obama do his little stand-up routine after Ft. Hood, but take the Charleston church shooting much more seriously? Why more so Newtown, less so San Bernardino? We might rather ask why he cares more when white people are the shooters than when Muslims are.

    Anyway, his gun dance is all political theater, since no actual new restrictions have been enacted during his tenure, a time when gun ownership has exploded thanks to his saber rattling.

    Democrats care about poor people, that’s why they make so many more of them. They care about drug addicts, that’s why they run guns to the Mexican drug cartels. They care about the Syrian refugees, that’s why they sell military armaments to the oppressor warlords. And they care about womens’ rights, which is why they slaughter baby girls in the womb.

    In the absence of God and the ensuing provisional morality deriving therefrom, compassion is whatever they say it is.