The grass only LOOKS greener

2015_05 Turtle on road by Heather

Meditation by Jonathan Cahn:

God gave Adam and Eve every tree to eat from; only one did He forbid. Eve focused on that one outside of God’s will and ate from it. Similarly, David had everything, but He focused on that one outside God’s will — Bathsheba.

Human nature has always been seeking life outside of God. We do it too. We tell ourselves that it is of God. Maybe it’s just a little outside His will, but we still want to indulge in it.

The truth is, there is nothing outside of Him. It’s all in Him — every revelation, mystery, fullness of deity, true joy that lasts. Everything is in Him.

Whatever you thought you wanted that was outside of God’s will is not good. The only good is inside Him. So stop focusing on what you don’t have. Rejoice in your blessings and live!

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