Must hear. Must read.

Kitty Werthmann Austria under Hitler
Obama’s similarities to Hitler by Kitty Werthmann [31:06]

A version of Werthmann’s speech is published @


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Interesting note: Snopes (which is pro-Obama) was unable to find any evidence that Werthmann and her story aren’t 100% genuine. True to their left-bias, they listed the story as “Undetermined” and said “Research is continuing” … except the last update was years ago!


  2. Haven’t watched the video yet, but did read the transcript linked.

    Thanks, cth. A grim reminder of how tyranny takes over by gradualism rather than sudden, overt conquest. Added to my blog heap o’links.

    A couple of other good links about life under tyranny.

    Chuck Norris v Communism c/o Dr. Tar, IOTW Report

    Grocery Shopping, Soviet Union, 1990 by Aleister, Progeressives Today. I think maybe this was linked from Ace of Spades. Or maybe here. I don’t always keep track.


  3. I watched the entire speech, and it’s certainly provocative.

    Kitty’s controversial … Google her name and see pages of discussion. Here’s as good a liberal’s take as any I found: “Ain’t life ironic? This stupid bitch survives Nazi Austria and then comes to the U.S. and joins up with the Eagle Forum – one of the most RABIDLY FASCIST organizations in the entire country. You can take the girl off the goose-farm but you can’t make her stop goose-stepping.” Golly, those libs are quite the lovefest.

    I honestly believe Obama is AN Anti-Christ … though possibly not THE Anti-Christ … and I can prove it. When asked how he defined sin, he said it was being out of alignment with his personal values — that’s anti-Christ. And any argument that usurps individual salvation and charity with collective salvation and charity is also anti-Christ. There are at least half a dozen other “tells,” not least of which is his lapsed Mormon faith.

    But having said that, America is a LO-O-ONG way from succumbing to Nazi fascism. In fact, I would argue on some levels we’ve become more free: could we conceive of interring Japanse-Americans a la FDR, or suspending habeus corpus a la Lincoln, or passing the Sedition Act a la Adams, or propagating Indian genocide, or producing pickaninny cartoons a la 1940s Warner Brothers?

    Obama’s a big step backwards in our nation’s progress, but even many of the people who voted for him (twice!!) are sick to death of the loser, and he’ll be gone soon enough. I have no faith in black people, or Mexicans (take a glance at Mexico), or Muslims, or even Asians to re-establish America’s historic values of governmental integrity and personal freedom. But I retain an abiding faith in white people, who haven’t voted for a Democratic candidate for president since JFK (sixty years!), to retain the clarity of vision and purpose required to once again right our Ship of State.

    The extent to which America’s white demographic becomes smothered under a blanket of unfettered and illegal immigration is the extent to which our hopes for Liberty’s resurrection are dashed. Simple as that.

    Oh, and Go Trump!


  4. Sorry, I’m a moron … lapsed MUSLIM faith, obviously not lapsed MORMON faith. It’s so easy to confuse Barack with Mitt, after all.