Liberal Hypocrisy

It’s a Big Fat Lie that liberals are all about the moral high ground.
2016_01 Proof that liberals are corrupt


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10 responses to “Liberal Hypocrisy

  1. Joy Behar’s saying she’d vote for a rapist as long as they’re liberal?

    As some commenter on Ace said this morning, you already did, honey – twice.

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  2. Pistol Pete

    i had a doctors appointment this morning and it was my unfortunates circumstance to witness this orgy of estrogen on the television while I waited to be called to the exam room.Of course,they were wailing about why republicans won’t go along with Barry’s “common sense” usurpation of the Constitution.They were lamenting why the GOP let the ban on automatic weapons expire.I wanted to scream:’automatic weapons ARE illegal,you sorry,half-witted,cackling bitches!’Legal weapons are semi-automatic.But decorum,the fact there were other people in the waiting room and the fact DW was sitting next to me,shooting me “the look”,that husbands recognize as:shut up if you want to continue enjoying a happy married life.Most wise men recognize it and heed the warning.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I am glad you are a wise man. LOL


    • Pete: …it was my unfortunates circumstance to witness this orgy of estrogen…

      Pete’s way with words is impressive and inspiring. 😀

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    • That’s one of the worst things about going to the doctor, the dentist, or almost anyplace else these days — the always-blaring television in the waiting room, always tuned to the stupidest channel available. Why do there have to be TVs in waiting rooms? All of the younger people are looking at their phones, while we older ones usually bring along a book or magazine to read while we’re waiting, and usually no one is even watching the TV. I always want to throw a brick through the damn thing.


      • Oh! Pet peeve chord struck! I used to go to a practice run by 2 doctors, a man and a woman. For years, I suffered through the blaring waiting room TV that was tuned to a health infomercial service that was 24-hour drug sales for all manner of snake oil, and the MO was always: “Make the viewer anxious about dying horribly if they don’t ask their doctor about our drug immediately!!!”

        Later, the 2 doctors split up and I followed the male doctor to his new practice, which didn’t have a TV in the waiting room. When I brought it up to him, he got a crazy look in his eye and said: “THAT thing?!? I HATED that thing!” LOL.


        • Every time I take my car to get an oil change, I always pray that there will be no one else in the waiting area when I go in — because if there isn’t, the first thing I do is turn off the TV. Then I can settle down with my book and a nice cup of coffee and enjoy a pleasant half-hour or so of reading until my car is ready. Even if other people come in after me, none of them ever turns the TV on; the youngsters sit and look at their phones, the oldsters read a magazine or newspaper or something. Why every business that has a waiting area thinks there MUST be a TV in it has always been a mystery to me.