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A Little Perspective on Obama’s Tears

Obama's faux tears

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A neat manual of discipleship

Revelation - John sees Heaven

The following is by Peter J. Leithart:

Four times in Revelation, John is directly told not to do something.

When he falls at the feet of Jesus, Jesus touches him with his right hand and says, “Do not fear” (1:17; Gr. me phobou).

When no one in heaven, earth, or under earth can be found to open the book, John begins to lament. One of the elders tells him, “Do not weep” (5:5; Gr. me klaie).

When he sees the harlot riding on a beast, he marvels. His guiding angel wonders at his wonder: “Why marvel?” (17:7; Gr. dia ti ethaumasas), he asks, with more than a hint of rebuke (cf. 13:3).

Twice at the end of the book, he falls at the feet of an angel and is told not to worship (19:10; Gr. ora me).

It’s a neat manual of discipleship: Do not fear. Do not lament. Do not marvel at the whore. Do not worship angels, but God.

And it’s a neat little summary of what is missing in the new Jerusalem, in the city where God dispels all fears, wipes all tears, where He alone is the Marvel who is worshiped.


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My Personal Worker of Mercy

Last Sunday, I asked Dearest if we could talk about replacing the old fluorescent fixtures in my fish tank hood with an LED fixture. I figured it would be a first step in a long process … but he astounded me by planning, purchasing, and installing before dinner! My tank has never looked so good!

2015_12 24 90 w old light half broke

2016_01 03 Removing 15 yo fluor

2016_01 03 New LED light

2016_01 05 Gorgeous tank w new LED light


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Liberal Hypocrisy

It’s a Big Fat Lie that liberals are all about the moral high ground.
2016_01 Proof that liberals are corrupt


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The elitism of Obama’s gun grabbing

King Obama is protected by men with guns, but he doesn’t want you to have the same right.

2016_01 Obama's war on 2d Amendment

Matt Walsh on Obama’s Weepy Gun Control Speech

The president unveiled a bunch of gun control “executive actions” in a televised speech earlier today. The speech was, honestly, pretty disgusting on a number of levels. He stood up there surrounded by the families of murder victims, continuing his habit of using grieving parents as political props, and he repeatedly lied and mischaracterized his intentions and the intentions of his opponents.

The worst moment, I thought, was when he openly wept over the children killed at Sandy Hook. Normally I wouldn’t begrudge a man for crying over dead kids, but it’s hard for me to take the tears seriously when it’s a man who funds, facilitates, and gleefully celebrates the murder of a million children every year in this country.

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Does Obama really “care” about victims of gun violence? Puh-leeze.

Menthol stick_ How to cry real tears


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