Climate Deniers in Fur Coats

2016_01 01 Polar Bears


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  1. Happy New Year!

    Not only are the polar bears doing fine, and have been all along, but, I read that, basically, where the icy habitat borders on the wooded, the polar bears can morph to brown, and back. In other words they adapt rather than die.

    I searched my archives and didn’t find a link, only my own comment on Ace of Spades – Ace has covered this frequently – and I was saying the same thing: “Not mutate, really, just like rabbits going white or brown – sidewise adaptation. That’s where some polars ‘disappear.’ They’re basically the same bear.”

    In my archive search, I also ran across these:

    Polar Bears Doing Great – Breitbart, 2015 Mar 1

    Healthy polar bear count confounds doomsayers – Globe & Mail, 2012 April 4, h/t Moonbattery

    Arctic scientist under investigation – 2011 Jul 28, Yahoo/AP

    >Just five years ago, Charles Monnett was one of the scientists whose observation that several polar bears had drowned in the Arctic Ocean helped galvanize the global warming movement. Now, the wildlife biologist is on administrative leave and facing accusations of scientific misconduct. … pending the results of an investigation into “integrity issues.” A watchdog group believes it has to do with the 2006 journal article about the bear, but a source familiar with the investigation said late Thursday that placing Monnett on leave had nothing to with scientific integrity or the article.

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