For want of a uterus …

… 57 million American lives have been lost.

ABORTION 2015_12 Newsweek

A pro-abortion writer for Elle magazine reported she was “flabbergasted” that Newsweek used a photo of what she called a “well-developed, relatively late-term fetus” for their cover.

According to her, first trimester fetuses (when most abortions are performed) don’t look so much like real babies, rendering this looks-like-a-baby photo an unacceptable piece of agitprop in the abortion debate.

ag·it·prop = agitate + propaganda

She’s right that most abortions are performed at or before the age of the fetus on the cover of Newsweek.  However, her use of the phrase “relatively late-term” is itself an example of agitprop.

  • By definition, a “late-term” fetus is in the second half of its 38-week uterine stay. I.e., at or after 19-weeks gestation.
  • The Newsweek photograph is of a 12-weeks fetus.

Human gestation lasts 38 weeks from conception to birth. Pregnancy is dated from the first day of a woman’s Last Menstrual Period (LMP). Ovulation generally occurs around 14 days after LMP. A ripe egg only survives about one day after being released from its ovary; during the first 2 weeks of a woman’s “40-week pregnancy”, she was not pregnant yet.

  • The 12-week fetus in the Newsweek photograph was inside a 14-weeks pregnant woman.

Riddle me this, Pro-Aborts:  If an unborn person’s age, race, gender, disability, appearance, or inconvenient place of residence gives you the right to end his or her life, then what basis do you have for demanding that you have any right to life?

ABORTION might does not make right


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